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Do you live outside of the Beverly Hills area, but you need dental care from a dentist who cares about their patients? Well at Smile Angels, we are all about our patients, and you don't have to be a movie star living in Beverly Hills to visit our world-class dental office and become one of our patients. In fact, you can receive a consultation from us regardless of where you live in the world. We know that your smile is important to you, so no matter where you live, it takes priority.

Bruce Vafa has consultations with patients from all over the world. If there is not a dentist office in your area that you are comfortable consulting with, call our office today at (310) 201-9001 to schedule a consultation today. You can also reach out to us on our website. If you do not have the means to reach our office, we will even cover the cost of a flight to get you to the area as well as a return flight so that you can get home safely. If Having trouble finding a place to stay? We can also help take care of hotel costs while you are in the area, simply call our office for details. If you have any questions or concerns about your dental health, call our office at (310) 201-9001 to speak with one of our professionals.
If you are traveling to reach our office, one of our staff members will be glad to help you find local restaurants, shopping areas, and more. This is quite a pleasant area to visit, so ask for recommendations to make your stay an unforgettable one, especially since you will be going home with a new smile.