Benefits of Lumineers Beverly Hills

Benefits of Lumineers Beverly Hills

Every year there are thousands of individuals who have taken advantage of Lumineers to enhance the appearance of their teeth and to improve their smile appeal. This cosmetic treatment is a state-of-the-art dental technology that enables people with tooth imperfections or discoloration problems to have beautiful, white, and youthful smiles. And that megawatt smile is what you can obtain with the highly qualified cosmetic dentists at Lumineers Beverly Hills.

Lumineers are very thin tooth casings, approximately 0.2mm thick, made from today’s strongest porcelain material, called Cerinate, which are applied to the front of your natural teeth. With proper dental hygiene, Lumineers bonded by Lumineers Beverly Hills can last up to 20 years. In addition to their durability and thinness, Lumineers have a number of other advantages over the older form of veneers.

Benefits of Lumineers from Lumineers Beverly Hills

  1. They correct the tooth appearance of an uneven smile. This includes covering sharp points, small chips or cracks, misalignments, and evening out the size differences of any teeth that are too small or too large.
  2. They can fill in slight natural gaps between teeth.
  3. They can be fitted over dental bridges and crowns.
  4. The look and feel of natural teeth, with the brightness of just whitened teeth. Thanks to their transparency, they have the appearance of natural tooth enamel and are invisible to the naked eye.
  5. They are more stain resistant than regular veneers.
  6. Little or no tooth preparation required before they are bonded to your teeth. The thickness of the older version of porcelain veneers required the removal of some tooth surface before the veneers were applied. This is not needed with Lumineers.
  7. No need to wear temporary coverings while the finished Lumineers are made.
  8. The entire procedure can be completed in two Lumineers Beverly Hills office visits. During the first visit, the cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth to insure that they are in good health and are able to support the lumineer casings. The dentist will also take all of the specifics for your individual teeth and send the measurements to the dental lab for construction. During the second visit, the Lumineers are applied. Depending on the number of Lumineers involved, the application process can be completed in one to two hours.
  9. There is no down time. After the Lumineers are affixed to your teeth, you can immediately enjoy your new beautifully restored smile, and you can eat and drink normally without any problems.

Occasionally, there are dental issues that may need to be corrected before Lumineers can be applied. Because of the high transparency of the Lumineers, someone with dark stains or discolorations may need to have their teeth whitened before the casings are put on. If someone wanting Lumineers has an existing gum line or tooth cavity, those conditions will need to be corrected before the casings are put on. But, these are corrective dental treatments that the patient would want to correct whether considering to have Lumineers or not. Good dental hygiene needs to be a priority for the patient and is a goal for the dentist.

Another consideration for anyone who wants to have the smile of their dreams is having the right cosmetic dentist perform the treatment. You want a professional with lots of experience and knowledge in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Vafa and his team of dentists have decades of hands on experience in the application of Lumineers. They are versatile on the precise application process and can adjust the casings to cover the most difficult of teeth imperfections. Lumineers Beverly Hills is a leading dental group in the greater Los Angeles area. In addition to their many satisfied patients, they receive a large number of referrals from these same individuals.

If you are ready to upgrade your smile and bring back their youthful beauty and shine, there is really no reason to delay the decision. Call today to arrange for a consultation with Dr. Vafa or one of the other expert cosmetic dentists at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills. The consultation phone number is 310-201-9003. Once you have your beautiful new smile, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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