Problems With Mail-Order Teeth Aligners

Problems With Mail-Order Teeth Aligners

Uneven teeth can be difficult to manage. Aside from flossing and hygiene maintenance, many people feel self-conscious with crooked teeth. It may be uncomfortable to laugh or smile during a first impression if orthodontic issues have not been treated. Mail-order teeth aligners are a popular way to straighten teeth for those who want to do so in the privacy of their home. While this may seem like an attractive alternative to seeing an orthodontist, this treatment can be extremely problematic.

What are Mail-Order Teeth Aligners?

Teeth alignment can be a complicated task depending on the person. When correcting crooked or misaligned teeth, sensitivity, position, and the oral structure of the mouth must be taken into consideration. Orthodontists and dental specialists are trained to handle a wide variety of oral health issues, including professional straightening.

Non-professional straightening options include teeth aligners designed by specific companies. Companies that sell teeth aligners directly to individuals usually do not provide dental specialists. They do, however, allow an individual to use an at-home kit without the guidance of a professional. At-home kits for mail-order teeth aligners are designed to create an impression of the teeth so an individual can then mail in their mold. It is up to the individual to make sure the mold is an accurate representation of their teeth. Some of the most common disadvantages of mail-order teeth aligners arise when a professional cannot monitor treatment.

Once the teeth impression has been received by the company, an alignment teething tray will be sent back to the individual. After wearing mail-order teeth aligners for a designated amount of time, teeth are supposed to straighten without the cost of an orthodontist.

Disadvantages of Mail-Order Teeth Aligners

Although the process of using teeth aligners may look easy, there are disadvantages to all mail-order teeth aligners. Without a dentist or orthodontist, oral care cannot be professionally monitored. At-home straightening devices can hurt and potentially damage misaligned teeth.

Individuals who use mail-order teeth aligners may feel discomfort when using the device. While a certain level of discomfort when using teeth aligners may be normal, other discomfort may be associated with a problem in the straightening treatment. Without a trained professional available, a proper assessment cannot be conducted.

During the teeth straightening process, adjustments are frequently made when using teeth aligners. This can happen in the beginning of treatment, but also occurs throughout the treatment as teeth shift. Modifications are usually necessary at some point when using teeth aligners.

Mail-Order Teeth Aligners Are Not Available For Everyone
Mail-in teeth alignment options do not cover everyone. For individuals with teeth implants, this type of treatment may not be available. Issues such as gum disease or severe misalignment may not be addressed. Depending on the structure of the jaw, teeth alignment may have to be treated in-person.

There are several types of teeth aligners that can be used for crooked teeth. Some options may be more comfortable than others. Depending on the individual, teeth trays may not make the best fit. For younger adults and teenagers, it is especially important to evaluate teeth aligners with a professional.

Cost of Mail-Order Teeth Aligners

Some individuals assume that mail-order teeth aligners will cost less. Since many companies do not require the patient to see an orthodontist or dentist, the overall expense can initially look much smaller.

Depending on the teeth aligners service, the cost of at-home kits can vary. If adjustments are needed, however, this may not be provided. Seeing a dental specialist after using at-home treatment can be complicated. This is especially true if the tray has malfunctioned during the course of treatment.

Teeth aligners that do not fit exactly as they should can cause teeth to stray. This can be an uncomfortable process that inevitably leads to further dental issues. Trying to reverse further misalignment or prevent damage from being done to the mouth can be quite costly. By visiting a dental specialist, a professional can assess exactly what kind of teeth aligners will work best.


Seeking professional treatment can prevent future damage while providing consistent care. For modifications and comfort assessments, having a specialist is crucial. Smile Angels of Beverly Hills has dedicated specialists that can help recreate teeth alignment for a healthy smile. For more information on teeth aligners, call Smile Angels of Beverly Hills for a consultation.

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