Where to Go for Dental Consultation in Los Angeles, CA
free dental consultation Beverly Hills

Where to Go for Dental Consultation in Los Angeles, CA

Dental Consultation in Los Angeles *

Are you looking for a good dentist that offer Dental Consultation in Los Angeles? Smile Angels at Beverly Hills is one of the most trusted places to receive dental services. The majority of our clients’ needs entail dental implants, root canals, a full mouth reconstruction, and porcelain veneers. We have a keen eye for detail and listen closely to address all of your needs. Dr. Vafa takes the information you provide to us and compile the data until he is able to find the most appropriate approach to achieving the results you are looking for.

Dental Consultation in Los Angeles

We have witnessed extensive advancements made in technology in recent years and have used it to our advantage. In addition, Dr. Vafa understands that when it comes to the construction and perfection of a smile, there is no one procedure that works for everyone. In addition, we also take into consideration the value of your time and strive to perfect your smile the first time you come in.

Via our Dental Consultation, Dr. Vafa offer same day dental implants consultation for clients seeking immediate attention and a fast turn around. Because, same day dental implants have become mainstream in the most recent years. The immediate dental implants we use are comprised of an ultra tooth device. The method consists of taking an artificial tooth and replacing the permanent tooth.

The Value of Our Consultation


dental consultation in Los Angeles is not an easy task. Therefore, we value the associations we have with our patients and strive to establish life-long relationships. To show our appreciation, we offer a consultation – valued at the cost of $189.00 – for free.

Your consultation would be composed of the following:

  • A discussion regarding your expectations of us
  • The work you desire to have completed on your mouth
  • Review of an extensive list of options and services we are able to provide
  • Cost estimate
  • Our expectations of you as our patient

Every member of our team has undergone extensive training and several years of practice. We understand that a smile can make all of the difference in the level of confidence and appearance a person exudes. In addition, Dr. Vafa is more than willing to care for you. Looking for a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills? Call today for a  consultation.

* Smile Angeles of Beverly Hills, may stop offering dental consultation at any time. Please contact our office for terms. 

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