Sedation Dentistry Los Angeles, CA

Get Your Dental Treatment Done While You Sleep

Sedation dentistry is an excellent option for anyone who suffers from nervousness, anxiety or fear related to dental care. Many people neglect their smiles for years due to a bad dental experience, dental anxiety or dental phobia. Our expert in sedation dentistry in Beverly Hills, in heart of Los Angeles, offers sedation options that can help you feel calm, relaxed and completely comfortable throughout your treatment.

Even if you are years behind on necessary dental work, we can often get you caught up within just a few dental visits with the help of safe, effective sedatives, including oral and inhaled sedation. We have some options that even allow you to doze throughout your appointment and wake up refreshed and with a beautiful new smile. Our Beverly Hills sedation dentistry expert may recommend sedation to anyone who wants to feel more comfortable throughout their visit.

Sedation Dentistry Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

You may be a candidate for sedation dentistry if you are afraid of the dentist, if you have had past bad experiences, if you are unnerved by the sound of the drill or the smells, if you are unable to get adequately numb, if you have a sensitive gag reflex, if you are afraid of needles or if you simply require a lot of overdue dental work. Our expert in sedation dentistry in Beverly Hills, in heart of Los Angeles, may ask questions about your medical or dental history to determine the best sedative for your needs.

Our Beverly Hills sedation dentistry expert may recommend oral sedation, which is prescribed before your dental appointment. You may need a ride to and from your appointment. Take the medication exactly as it is prescribed, and you will feel calm, relaxed and even a little drowsy. Nitrous oxide, or inhaled sedation, is administered through a mask that is placed over your nose. Within minutes of the gas being turned on, you will feel deeply relaxed or as if you are on the verge of sleep. Some patients may benefit from IV sedation, which can provide an even deeper state of relaxation and may be appropriate for patients with certain health needs, behavioral disorders or severe phobias or anxiety. Contact our Beverly Hills dentist today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.

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