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From time to time, people may need to get a root canal treatment to save a tooth. Endodontic treatment involves repairing an infected tooth in order to prevent any more infections or decay issues. Dr. Vafa, a pioneer root canal specialist in Beverly Hills can quickly treat a decayed tooth and get rid of your pain. He is an expert is root canal therapy.

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What Is a Root Canal?

The outer portion of your tooth consists of dental enamel. This enamel is actually the hardest substance in your entire body, so it is generally quite strong. While it may be strong, it is unfortunately not invincible to damage and decay. Tooth decay or trauma can end up damaging the enamel over time.

Beneath your enamel is a soft layer that is known as dentin. Inside of the dentin are chambers that dentists call root canals. This canal includes some blood vessels, the tooth's nerve and soft tissues. When you get a root canal at your Beverly Hills dental clinic, your dentist goes into this canal to remove the pulp. Then, the dentist seals the tooth to prevent any additional damage from happening.

The tooth's nerve is not an essential part of the tooth's overall function or health. It is useful before the tooth emerges from your gum, but its only job afterward is to help you sense hot or cold temperatures. Because of this, removing the nerve will not impact your tooth's general function.

If you want to get a root canal in Los Angeles, be prepared for one or more office visits for your endodontic retreatment. Dr. Vafa will initially want to diagnose any injuries or problems with the tooth's nerve or dental pulp. Then, your dentist will determine how difficult it will be to work on that tooth. If the dentist is uncomfortable doing the procedure on your tooth, he or she will recommend a different dentist who has the right abilities.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are a number of different factors that go into the cost of a root canal. The exact cost depends on which Beverly Hills clinic you go to and how experienced the dentist is. In many cases, you can expect to pay around $500 to $1,100 in Beverly Hills for one root canal.

Factors like the location of your tooth may also influence the cost. Your front teeth have less roots than your back teeth, which is why they tend to cost a little bit less. If you have an extensive infection, you may need to take medications to get rid of the bacteria. This can also impact the overall cost of the procedure. If you need sedatives for anxiety or the procedure's length, then your cost will be higher.

The price you pay also depends on what happens after the root canal. For example, you may need to have a filling or a dental crown. A crown is another expense that you would have to pay on top of the cost of the original treatment. When you go for your treatment, you can ask your dentist about what the overall root canal cost will look like. You can also check with your dental insurance to see how much of the cost will actually be covered.

The Procedure

The initial step in this procedureinvolves doing an X-ray. This X-ray will show if there is any infection or problems within the surrounding bone. Then, your dentist will use a local anesthesia to numb the tissues around your tooth. A rubber dam is then placed around the tooth to keep the area dry.

Next, the dentist drills an access hole into the tooth. This hole allows the dentist to remove the decayed nerve tissue, pulp, bacteria and other debris. Specialized files of different diameters are worked through the access hole to scrape out the sides of it. In addition, water is used to flush out extra debris.

After the tooth is completely cleaned, the dentist will seal it. Sometimes, the dentist will wait an extra week before sealing your tooth if there is an infection. To seal the tooth, the dentist fills the interior of your tooth with a rubber and sealer paste mixture known as gutta percha. Afterward, your dentist may do other restoration activities like adding a crown. Depending on your tooth, you may need other restoration techniques to protect your tooth and prevent it from breaking apart.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

A successful root canal involves the complete filling of the canals and removal of bacteria. Sometimes, there is still a place to hide bacteria or an insufficient canal filling. In other cases, the individual still has root infections or suffers from an unsuccessful procedure. If these things happen, it might be best to extract the tooth entirely. Our goal is to have a holistic focus when we deal with root canal procedures and to keep the cost as low as possible for our clients.

You can tell if a root canal is necessary by looking for some common symptoms. Severe pain when you apply pressure or chew food are signs you may need treatment. You may also notice darkening or discoloring of the tooth. If you suffer from prolonged sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures, you may need a root canal.

Retreating a Failed Root Canal

After getting treatment at a Beverly Hills clinic, you will hopefully be able to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile. If the first root canal treatment failed, you may unfortunately need to get another root canal. When this happens, it is important to find a Beverly Hills practice that has experience dealing with difficult dental problems.

Another procedure may be necessary if there is new decay that exposed the tooth's root. If you have curved or narrow canals, your dentist may not have been able to treat them completely in the first procedure. A sudden fracture, broken crown or cracked filling could also cause problems and lead to another root canal.

Alternatives to Getting a Root Canal

Are you looking for alternatives to root canal? Ideally, the best option is to save your natural teeth. Your natural teeth make it possible for you to eat a variety of different foods and enjoy better nutrition. Because of this, a root canal is the best possible option.

Other than getting a root canal, the only other option is to remove the tooth entirely. After your Beverly Hills dentist extracts the tooth, they can replace it with a dental implant, bridge or partial denture. This helps to restore your chewing ability. It also helps to stop adjacent teeth from shifting around too much. In addition to requiring more treatment time than a root canal, these alternatives actually cost much more than a root canal does.

Root Canals Versus Holistic Options

As previously mentioned, the main alternative to getting a root canal is a tooth extraction. Once you remove the tooth, you can replace it with a dental implant. You could also try using a partial denture or a bridge to fill the space.

Other than an extraction, you can try using holistic options to buy time. Often, people will use these options if they need to save money for a root canal. They may also want to delay a procedure because of an important event, a vacation or a similar reason.

In these cases, a Beverly Hills dentist may inject ozone gas near the tooth's root to help reduce some of the bacteria. This will not get rid of the bacteria completely, so the procedure may have to be repeated. It will help reduce the inflammation for a while, but it will not work forever. If your tooth is already dead, then the dentist can fill the area with calcium hydroxide. This serves as a temporary filling material to slow down the bacterial growth for a while. It will not work forever, but it can help reduce pain and inflammation in the short term.

Prevention Techniques

Instead of getting treatment from a Beverly Hills dentist, the best option is to prevent problems in the first place. There are a few main reasons why the nerve of a tooth and the pulp become infected. You may have large fillings, deep decay or repeated dental procedures. To prevent these causes, you need to have good oral hygiene.

Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day. You should also be flossing each day and going to your regular dental visits. Since trauma can make a root canal necessary, you should also prevent sports-related injuries. Wearing a simple mouth guard is an easy thing you can do to prevent a root canal.

24/7 Emergency Dental Care for Root Canals

If you are struggling with a painful, infected tooth, help is available. No one wants to deal with the pain and tenderness of an inflamed tooth. More importantly, your tooth infection can be potentially deadly. Once you develop an infection, it can spread to your bloodstream and cause sepsis.

Thankfully, you do not have to put up with dental pain forever. Through the right Beverly Hills clinic, you can learn about different sedative options and dental treatments for your tooth. Your dentist will take an X-ray and examine your teeth to find the potential problem. If you need a root canal, you can immediately get the help you need and start smiling again.

Insurance and Financing Options

At our Beverly Hills clinic, you can get the help you need and the right financing options. We have years of experience in working with major insurance companies. Smile Angels of Beverly Hills accepts all major insurance plans.

If you do not have dental insurance, we can still work with you. We offer unique financing options that help our patients achieve affordable dental care. With our low monthly payments, you can easily pay off your dental work through installments. Our goal is to make the cost of dental care affordable so that no one has to avoid getting the right care just because of their financial situation.

Our holistic treatment center has a convenient location in Beverly Hills. If you are located within the Los Angeles area, our dental practice can help. Learn more about our services by calling us today.

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