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Are you considering Full mouth reconstruction, restoration and looking for a specialist in Los Angeles? If you are interested in whether full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills is a good option for you, the experienced dental team at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills offers a consultation. Learn more about the possibilities with this comprehensive procedure below, and be sure to call our office for more information about our holistic approach to solving your dental problems and improving your smile.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

For patients who have extensive dental issues, such as decay, gum disease, eroded enamel, oral trauma or a history of oral hygiene complications, a full mouth restoration in Los Angeles may be the best treatment option. The procedures involved in a full mouth restoration improve the appearance of your teeth, gums and smile. They also help restore your teeth, gums and jaw to a healthy state to prevent further issues and eliminate any pain you may be experiencing.

There may be a series of procedures performed as part of your full mouth restoration plan, including:

  • Cosmetic
  • Restorative
  • Reconstructive

While the primary purpose of a full mouth restoration is to make your smile healthy and functional, you will also enjoy the benefit of a more attractive smile. Our knowledgeable dental team at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills always takes a holistic approach to evaluate patients' needs so that we consider all aspects of your dental health in recommending a treatment plan for you. That is how we are able to help so many patients achieve full mouth rehabilitation and start enjoying their smiles at last. With Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills you may earn the perfect smile you always dreamt.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Generally, patients experiencing dental problems for more than one tooth are considered for a full mouth

restoration. If you are dealing with any dental pain or would like to have lingering tooth, gum or jaw issues resolved, a comprehensive treatment plan may be the most effective way to eliminate any mouth pain, improve your smile and prevent further tooth damage or decay.

Some of the most common dental issues that are addressed by a full mouth restoration plan include:

  • Stained or yellowed teeth
  • Worn off enamel
  • Missing or loose crowns
  • Gum pain or disease
  • Missing teeth
  • Misshaped teeth
  • Missing fillings
  • Worn down teeth from grinding or clenching
  • Broken, chipped or loose teeth from a serious injury
  • Decayed teeth
  • Multiple misaligned teeth

A full mouth treatment plan can address each of those problems individually or fix a combination of dental issues. Even if you have experienced any of the above dental issues for years, it is still possible to improve your smile and get rid of dental pain through a full mouth treatment plan from Smile Angels of Beverly Hills.

Addressing TMJ Problems Through Full Mouth Reconstruction

In addition to correcting a range of spacing, coloring, alignment and tooth decay issues, full mouth reconstruction is also helpful in addressing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. This is the joint between your jawbone and skull. If you experience issues like worn down teeth, shrinking teeth, jaw pain or muscle pain near your mouth, you may end up with more serious TMJ problems. They can be caused by grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw or a misaligned bite. Aging, jaw position or physical trauma can all contribute to these issues with your TM joint. If left unresolved, you can lose the enamel on your teeth or experience serious pain from tooth misalignment, tooth loss and jaw stress. Your teeth can even lose their functionality over time from shrinkage and eroded enamel.

Eliminate the pain and oral damage that comes from TMJ issues with full mouth reconstruction. It corrects the alignment of your bite and jaw so that you no longer have to deal with joint pain, migraines, muscle pain and tooth pain from TMJ issues.

What are the Treatment Options for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The appropriate treatment options with full mouth reconstruction will depend on your current oral health and any dental issues that you may need fixed. Before resolving any cosmetic issues, there may be lingering oral health problems, such as gum disease, cavities or decay, that need to be corrected.

Your specific full mouth reconstruction treatment plan will involve procedures to fix your teeth, gums, jaw and smile. Your teeth may need to be restored with veneers, dentures, crowns or implants. For teeth that are badly damaged, they may be extracted and replaced with permanent dental implants. The end result is that your teeth will be more uniformly and properly shaped and spaced. Any damaged teeth will have cracks, chips and cavities addressed. Teeth whitening may be used at the conclusion of your treatment plan to brighten your smile.

Common Cosmetic Options for Worn Off Teeth

If your teeth are worn down from aging, misalignment, decay or enamel erosion, there are a range of treatment options available. You may be able to have veneers placed on the surface of the teeth. Teeth that are extensively damaged may need to be replaced with dental implants. This is a long-lasting reconstructive option because the implants are embedded into your jaw and function like your natural teeth. They can be matched to the color of your teeth to give a natural appearance.

Where Should You Go for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If you think that you might be a go od candidate for full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles, contact an experienced dentist like Dr. Bruce Vafa, Full mouth reconstruction and restoration specialist in Beverly Hills . We have years of experience helping other patients like you in Los Angeles to enjoy a healthy, attractive smile. Check out some before and after pictures from our full mouth reconstruction gallery hereto see for yourself how skilled we are at fixing serious dental issues and creating beautiful smiles. Setting up an initial consultation is the first step in being evaluated as a potential candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

What is the Process Like for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The first step in full mouth rehabilitation is the evaluation by a dentist to determine the extent of your dental issues and what procedures may be necessary. We use 3D scans, x-rays, dental records, pictures and dental impressions or molds to get an accurate assessment of the current state of your teeth, gums, tongue and jaw. Our imaging technology may allow us to review a digital image with you of how your mouth and smile will look at the conclusion of your treatment plan so that you can see the potential for improving your smile.

Before addressing any cosmetic issues, we will fix any underlying oral health concerns, such as filling cavities, treating gum disease, correcting any previous dental work and teeth cleaning. Your teeth and gums may also need to be prepared for subsequent procedures with some grafting to prepare for any implants, bridges or dentures.

Orthodontic and cosmetic dental work occurs after the cleaning and prep work is completed. Depending on your particular dental issues, you may require jaw reconstruction or repositioning, implants, veneers, crowns, dentures, bridges, tooth whitening or other orthodontic work.

How Long Does the Full Mouth Reconstruction Process Usually Take?

One of the main advantages of this treatment option over traditional orthodontics is that it takes much less time to complete and start enjoying the results. While traditional orthodontic treatments can take two years or more for most adult patients, the reconstruction process can be achieved in as few as two weeks thanks to our innovative procedures and imaging technology.

The full mouth restoration treatment plan that we design for each patient is unique to your specific dental needs and appearance concerns. This means that the total treatment time for your procedures will vary based on the extent of any dental issues you may have and your desired results. If you require orthodontic treatments, this typically means that your treatment plan will take longer than a few weeks. The advantage of working with our helpful team at Smile Angels is that all of your procedures will be managed by our staff and scheduled to reduce your total treatment and recovery time.

What is the Typical Cost of Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles?

When it comes to estimating the cost of the treatment plan that is best suited for you, it is best to call our office to schedule your consultation. Every patient's case is different, which is why you should seek out a cost estimate based on your unique needs and our recommended treatment plan. At your initial appointment, we will discuss the estimated cost of treatment with you and answer any of your questions about the types of procedures involved in your plan.

Some of the most common procedures involved in a full mouth reconstruction treatment plan are listed below with the typical cost range. Keep in mind that the extent of any dental issues with your teeth, gums and jaw will affect the length of treatment time and the number of procedures that are recommended. The overall cost of treatment increases with the more individual teeth that require procedures.

  • Jaw re-positioning: $20,000 to $40,000
  • Root canals: $1,000 to $2,000
  • Braces: up to $13,000
  • Gum repair: $5,000 to $10,000
  • Dental implants: up to $10,000 per tooth
  • Dental crowns: up to $3,000 per tooth
  • Teeth whitening: $300 to $1,000
  • Dental bonding: up to $1,000 per tooth
  • Veneers: up to $1,200 per tooth

Full Mouth Reconstruction vs. Smile Makeover

Smile makeovers are another popular dental treatment and are frequently discussed along with full mouth reconstruction. The major difference between these two options is that a smile makeover focuses on the cosmetic appearance of your smile. It may be something that you want to discuss with us as part of your full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles. Any of your concerns about your smile and appearance of your teeth can be addressed during your consultation so that you can look forward to the natural and beautiful results from your treatments.

During your dental exam, we can assess the overall appearance of your smile and ensure that your teeth are as white, straight and properly shaped as appropriate for your mouth. A smile makeover as part of your treatment plan can give you the confidence boost of having a vibrant, properly formed smile.

Insurance Coverage and Financing Options

If you are considering Full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills, getting the smile that you have been dreaming of is well within reach. At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, we accept most insurance plans. In addition, there are payment options available for patients who do not have insurance coverage. We offer flexible and convenient financing options with low monthly payments available. Call our office today to discuss payment options and ask any questions you may have about whether your insurance plan is accepted by our office.

Consultation for Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

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