Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments. They have been used for decades to straighten crooked teeth, ease crowding, close gaps and align bites. Our Beverly Hills metal braces expert can help you decide if traditional braces are right for you.

Straighter teeth are often healthier teeth because they are properly aligned and easier to clean. Braces can be a great way to address crossbites, overbites, underbites, improperly spaced teeth and other common orthodontic problems. They can gently straighten twisted teeth and bring the upper and lower jaws into alignment. Traditional metal braces consist of metal brackets, bands and wires, which are periodically adjusted by our Beverly Hills traditional braces expert to ensure the best results.

Traditional Metal Braces Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Metal braces of today are smaller than ever before so that you can enjoy a more comfortable, attractive orthodontic treatment experience. Our expert in metal braces in Beverly Hills, in the heart of Los Angeles, will begin by creating your treatment plan. A comprehensive oral evaluation will be necessary, and we will take various records as we determine the best treatment options and period for your needs.

Once your braces have been bonded to your teeth, our expert in traditional braces in Beverly Hills, in the heart of Los Angeles, will give you specific care instructions. You may need to avoid certain foods, such as popcorn, gum and hard candies, and you may also need to take additional precautions if you participate in contact sports or other high-risk activities. Good dental hygiene can be one of the most important aspects of your treatment plan. You will need to brush after meals and be especially careful to brush thoroughly around the brackets. Special flossing tools called floss threaders may be necessary for cleaning between your teeth and the wires.

You will need to return to our office at regular intervals for adjustments. Your teeth may feel sensitive or tender for a day or two after your adjustments, but adjusting your diet as needed can help. After your braces come off, you can keep your teeth looking their best by continuing to maintain excellent dental hygiene practices and wearing your retainer as directed.

Contact our dentist in Beverly Hills to find out more about your orthodontic options or to schedule your appointment.

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