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Holistic dentistry is a comprehensive dentistry that allows us to provide enhanced care that protects your dental and general health. Studies have consistently revealed a link between dental and general health. A cavity is not an isolated issue, and periodontal disease can have far-reaching effects. Our expert in holistic dentistry in Beverly Hills, in heart of Los Angeles, can help you enjoy better dental health and overall health through a carefully designed holistic treatment plan.

Our Beverly Hills holistic dentistry expert focuses on your overall well-being. We provide complete dental care using minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, biocompatible dental materials and preventative care. Routine checkups are one of the most important ways to protect your smile health. We can check your teeth and gums for any signs of disease or other potential problems and will make personalized recommendations that can stop these problems from escalating and triggering more serious dental or general health issues. Each treatment we recommend is designed to promote whole-body health, improve function and reduce the risk of future problems.

Holistic Dentistry Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

We believe in treating you as a whole person, and each encounter is filled with personal attention, dignity and respect. Our expert in holistic dentistry in Beverly Hills, in heart of Los Angeles, works with other dental professionals to create your dental treatment plan. The latest dental technology and advanced treatment options are available to protect your health. We use digital images to minimize radiation exposure, tooth-colored fillings to eliminate the potential risks associated with amalgam fillings and other patient-friendly treatment options.

Your smile can be a pretty good indicator of your health. Gum disease is associated with inflammation and several chronic, systemic diseases. Missing teeth are associated with obesity and dementia. Crooked or misaligned teeth can increase your risk of TMJ disorders and functional flaws. Our Beverly Hills holistic dentistry expert can help you get your smile back on track so that it is confident, beautiful and healthy.

Give us a call today to learn more about how holistic dental care can improve your smile and your life or to schedule your appointment with our dentist in Beverly Hills.

Biocompatible materials are materials that can be used to function in living tissues or to replace parts of the body. They do not provoke an immune response or irritate existing tissues but instead coexist with the body’s natural systems and promote health and well-being. Our dental office uses bio compatible dental material whenever possible to ensure the safest, healthiest dental treatments.

In the past, dental amalgam and metals such as gold were often used to restore teeth. While these restorations were strong and durable, they were not without risk. Dental amalgam contains a high level of mercury while metal crowns tended to stain and discolor gums. Our dentist offers restorations using bio compatible dental material, which has a low risk of health complications and adverse events.

One of the most common materials we use is composite resin. Composite resin is a bio compatible dental material that can be used to restore minor damage on teeth. It blends beautifully with your own natural teeth so is often considered a more attractive restoration. It also contains no mercury or other problematic materials and requires less preparation, and it is generally considered a healthier choice.

Porcelain is another bio compatible dental material that we use in our office. We can restore teeth using porcelain inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges or veneers. Each of these restorations changes, improves or strengthens teeth without interfering with your dental or physical health. As with other bio compatible materials, porcelain can be used comfortably in your mouth and will not cause irritation, inflammation or an immune response.

Finally, we use titanium to restore lost teeth. Titanium dental implants can be used to replace the natural roots of a lost tooth. The titanium literally fuses with the living bone tissue in the socket, and this creates a new support for the prosthetic tooth, which is generally made of porcelain.

By using only bio compatible materials, we are able to protect and preserve your dental health and give you a beautiful, strong smile. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our dentist in Beverly Hills.

You only get one smile, and while your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, they are vulnerable to bacterial assaults and dental trauma. Tooth decay, cavities, gum disease and other common problems can occur as a result of inadequate preventative treatments, and dental disease can progress when not diagnosed early. Our expert in minimally invasive dentistry in Beverly Hills, in the heart of Los Angeles, uses the most advanced procedures and techniques to preserve the health, function and aesthetics of your smile.

Minimally invasive dentistry is a type of dentistry that is concerned with preserving the maximum possible amount of healthy tissue. Due to the nature of tooth decay and some treatment options, healthy tooth structure was often removed along with damaged structure. This often led to the further weakening of the tooth and eventual tooth loss when insufficient structure remained to restore. Today, our Beverly Hills minimally invasive dentistry expert offers more conservative options that preserve the maximum amount of healthy tissue.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Our expert in minimally invasive dentistry in Beverly Hills, in the heart of Los Angeles, offers preventative dental care including routine cleanings, dental sealant applications and fluoride treatments to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. We also offer composite resin fillings that chemically bond with teeth rather than amalgam fillings, which require retention grooves.

We also use advanced diagnostics that allow us to identify dental disease before it can reach a more advanced stage and cause more extensive damage. Identifying dental caries at the earliest stage allows us to treat it more conservatively, and this can reduce the need for more invasive or extensive treatments, including root canal therapy and dental crowns. Our Beverly Hills minimally invasive dentistry expert uses a focused approach and concentrates on your specific risk factors. We do not use a cookie cutter approach that may not be equally effective for all patients.

The goal of minimally invasive dentistry is to preserve your own natural teeth, intervene early and restore your teeth with the most conservative treatments possible. Minimally invasive dentistry can keep your smile healthy, whole and beautiful. Give us a call today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our Beverly Hills dentist.

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