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Dental Insurances Accepted

When it comes to professional dental care whether it be cosmetic,orthodontic or emergency dental, at times a person can need dental care and they may not have all of the funds to pay for what they need. When a person makes the wise decision to go to Smiles Angels Of Beverly Hills then they can be sure that they made the right decision. We work with our patients and the best thing is that we accept the majority of insurances and the following is a list of all of the insurances that we accept:

Trust Your Dental Care To The Best

It is very important to be able to have a trusted dentist that can do emergency dental service, cosmetic dentistry, and also children’s dentistry. Since that is the case, for all those residents of Beverly Hills there is no better dentist then Dr. Bruce’s Vafa with Smiles Angels of Beverly Hills. He has always offered trusted services for over 20 years and because of that he has hundreds of very satisfied customers.

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Where To Go For Trusted Dental Care In Beverly Hills

If you are someone that you know is looking for a professional dentist in Beverly Hills then you need to look no further than Smiles Angels of Beverly Hills. Smiles Angels of Beverly Hills is a very unique dental office because they are one of the only Beverly Hill dentist that gives every type of dental treatment imaginable for a large age range of patients. Dr. Bruce Vafa has over 20 years of experience and he has the capability to transform anyone’s smile. In reality a person’s smile is the first thing that anyone sees when they see you, and for that reason having teeth that are beautiful, white, and straight is something that is very important. Dr. Vafa does amazing cosmetic dentistry. He and his team are able to fix misaligned teeth, misaligned jaws, uneven teeth and many other cosmetic dental issues. He and his team are able to use Invisilign invisible braces and a person’s braces can go completely unseen by the human eye. He and his team are highly skilled and they can perform gentle surgeries to correct issues with jaw alignment and teeth alignment.

What Type Of Care To Expect

Apart from cosmetic dentistry smiles Angels of Beverly Hills are also experts at emergency dentistry, children’s dentistry, and even holistic dentistry. Dr. Bruce Vafa and his team truly believe that in order to have good dental health a person has to have great dental habits. They work with their patients in order to help them to create excellent dental habits. Many people do not realize that prevention is the key to avoid things like cavities and root canals. If a person regularly sees their dentist they could avoid a lot of unneeded dental procedures.


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