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Emergency Dentist in Beverly Hills?

Are you looking for an emergency dentist in Beverly Hills?A dental emergency is a severe oral condition that must be treated quickly to avoid acute pain, permanent tooth damage, or the spread of infection. These dental conditions often develop after standard office hours. An emergency dentist offers patients professional treatment options during evenings, weekends, and holidays. Your emergency dentist and staff members at Smile Angels use up-to-date equipment and techniques that end discomfort and support optimal health. Call (424) 253-5152 for 24/7 emergency dentist care in Beverly Hills.

Cost of Dental Emergency in Los Angele

Are you looking for an emergency dentist in Los Angeles? Smile Angels offers you 24x7 open office hours with our emergency dentist to make sure that your immediate dental needs are addressed promptly and effectively. The cost of visiting an emergency dentist varies by your type of dental emergency and chosen treatment option. According to the latest statistics, an emergency dentist charges an average of $500 to $800 per visit in Los Angeles. Before making an appointment with your emergency dentist, ask for a price quote.

Adult and children emergency surgeries

Additional adult and children emergency surgeries are available at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, including root canals and dental crowns. If the top of a tooth is damaged seriously due to decay or accidental damage, then one of these procedures is necessary. Root canals require Bruce Vafa D.D.S. to drill into a tooth to remove its interior structures, such as nerves and blood vessels. Patients receive general and local anesthesia during these dental procedure to avoid discomfort. After the interior of the infected tooth is removed, it is cleaned to remove bacteria before it is filled with a hard and durable substance to provide a strong biting surface. To protect the top of the tooth while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance, a custom-made crown in a color matching composite material is made. This dental crown is placed over the tooth to give a patient a natural and beautiful smile.

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How Do I Know If I Have a Dental Emergency?

Sometimes it’s hard to know if your dental issue is worthy of a trip to a Los Angeles emergency dentist. You may question if you should seek urgent dental care.  However, there are some sure signs that your problem needs immediate attention. Oral infections are dangerous and life threatening when left untreated. Severe pain and swelling, which are strong signs of an infection, signal that you need to head to your Los Angeles emergency dentist. Abnormal bleeding from your gums indicates an advanced stage of periodontal disease, and an emergency dentist may offer treatments that can save your teeth.

We always urge you to seek and search for 24 hr emergency dentist near me to get help of an emergency dentist for urgent dental care issues. However, you should go to a medical emergency room if your dental damage is accompanied by a more severe physical ailment such as head trauma that’s caused by an accident. Don’t wait to visit your nearest emergency room if you have excessive bleeding, trouble breathing, or a high fever.

Types of Dental Emergencies Treated by Smile Angels of Beverly Hills

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is one of the most common urgent dental care issues. An abscessed tooth happens when bacteria infects the base of your tooth or invades a chipped or cracked tooth. This oral infection usually causes inflammation, pain, and swelling. An abscessed tooth is normally accompanied by pus that must be drained to remove the infection. In severe cases, untreated infections can spread to your brain. They can also cause sepsis, which leads to organ failure.

Avulast Tooth

An avulsed tooth is one that has been dislodged from its place usually by some traumatic event. While most avulsed teeth occur during car accidents or sports injuries, you can disturb a tooth by inadvertently biting down on something hard. An emergency dentist can save your tooth if you act fast.


A toothache can be caused by a variety of ailments, and it’s important that you get the correct diagnosis from an emergency dentist right away. Broken or chipped teeth that expose nerves and tissues to warm and cold sensations cause toothaches. Toothaches can also be caused by dangerous infections.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

While most broken or chipped teeth don’t qualify as dental emergencies, there are exceptions. Fractured teeth that have exposed nerves are very painful and should be treated by your emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Sport Injuries

Playing a sport is a fun hobby that supports a healthy lifestyle. However, there are some inherent risks. According to a Claims Journalarticle, up to 39 percent of all dental injuries happen during sports play. Contact sports such as football, soccer, and lacrosse are some of the activities that likely come to mind when you think about sports-related dental injuries. You can add several limited-contact sports such as baseball, basketball, and softball to that list as well. Broken teeth, dislodged teeth, and soft tissue lacerations are the most common sports-related oral injuries that require the services of an emergency dentist.

Top Los Angeles Urgent Dental Care Treatment Options

Emergency Root Canal

When faced with a patient’s abscessed tooth, an emergency dentist does his or her best to save the tooth and restore health to the surrounding gums. When draining the abscessed tooth of pus is not enough, an emergency dentist may have to perform a root canal procedure to achieve the desired results. During a root canal, your emergency dentist will remove the affected tooth’s nerve and pulp. After thoroughly cleaning the inside of the tooth, he or she will seal it to prevent bacteria from entering the area and causing more problems.

Tooth Extraction

At Smile Angels, we take a holistic approach to dentistry, which means that we address the underlying causes of oral health challenges. We prefer to do treatments that stop decay and support a healthier mouth rather than conduct invasive procedures that subtract from your smile and quality of life. Tooth extraction is an urgent dental care treatment option of last resort at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills.

Your emergency dentist considers a tooth extraction for these reasons.

- Fractured tooth under the gum line
- Advanced stages of periodontal disease
- Severe tooth decay

Repairing Dislodged Teeth

Avulsed or dislodged teeth can be re-implanted, and your emergency dentist is ready to help you on short notice. In some cases, repairing dislodged teeth involves simply pushing the affected teeth back into place. If the blood flow to the tooth hasn’t been cut off, the tooth will heal and stay in place. Your emergency dentist can also save a tooth that has been completely removed by re-inserting it into its socket. He or she will likely apply a small splint to the tooth to help it remain upright during the healing process.

Adult and Child Emergency Surgeries

When you need dental surgeries, our emergency dentist and staff members at Smile Angels offer 24x7 open office hours. We realize that accidents happen, and they usually don’t occur during convenient times. Dental extractions and root canals are the most common emergency surgical procedures that we perform at Smile Angels. Our staff specializes in adult and child emergency surgeries. Whether your child has his or her primary teeth or permanent smile, we identify the best courses of action for emergency surgeries in Beverly Hills.

How to Handle Dental Emergency in Los Angeles

Successfully handling dental emergencies often requires some quick-thinking and a calm demeanor. If you have an avulsed tooth, you need to either place the tooth back in its socket or temporarily store it in a container of milk. Call an emergency dentist who has 24x7 open office hours. He or she will likely suggest that you come in for treatment within 30 minutes to save your tooth.

An abscessed tooth will remain a threat to your overall health until it’s properly treated. Before seeing your emergency dentist, you can help to reduce the pain of an abscessed tooth by rinsing your mouth with warm water. If you have severe swelling, place an ice pack on the area until you can see an emergency dentist.

When searching for 24 hr emergency dentist near me and visiting an emergency dentist in Beverly Hills, bring any dental records or x-rays that you have to the office with you. While the dentist can diagnose your problem quickly, providing him or her with some of your dental history saves time. This is especially important if your child needs urgent dental care.
Learn more about how to handle a dental emergency.

How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

While some dental emergencies involve accidental oral injuries, many of them can be avoided if you know what to do. At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, Bruce Vafa DDS who is the best tLos Angeles Emergency Dentist, our holistic approach to dentistry focuses on check-ups, treatments, and procedures that help you to avoid the services of an emergency dentist. Here are our top picks of things to do to bypass common dental emergencies.

Regular Check-ups

Unless your emergency dentist is also your general family dentist, he or she has no prior knowledge of your oral health. Developing a relationship with your general family dentist by visiting for regular exams allows you to get a glimpse of your dental issues before they become full-fledged problems. During regular check-ups, your dentist identifies the early signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and oral infections.

Good Dental Hygiene

Abscessed teeth are often caused by poor dental hygiene. Besides brushing your teeth, you’ll want to floss daily. Removing food particles from between your teeth reduces the bacterial growth that causes infection in abscessed teeth. Natural oral rinses offer an extra measure of protection against infection and tooth decay. Make sure to choose ones that don’t contain sugar. You’ll also want to see your dental hygienist for a professional cleaning twice a year to avoid most emergency dentist procedures.

Wholesome Diet

Modern society is blessed with cutting-edge equipment, innovative research, and abundant food choices. Sadly, many of those choices aren’t foods that promote optimal health. Whole foods such as leafy greens, legumes, nuts, and seeds give your body the nutrients that it needs to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Safety Precautions

When it comes to avoiding sports-related dental injuries, your emergency dentist will tell you that a good defense is always the best offense. Defend your smile with a mouth guard during sports activities.

Common Emergency Dental Procedure Costs Near Los Angeles

An exceptional Los Angeles emergency dentist prepares his patients for treatments that affect them physically and financially. Here are some of the average costs for common emergency dental procedures in and around Los Angeles.

Repairing Dislodged Teeth

Effectively saving an avulsed tooth requires professional treatment within a short time period. You’ll need to contact an emergency dentist such as Dr. Bruce Vafa at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills who has 24x7 open office hours. The average cost of repairing a dislodged tooth is $3,125.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

A broken or chipped tooth that exposes nerves is painful and it also promotes infection. To see an emergency dentist in Los Angeles for a broken or chipped tooth, you’ll pay an average cost of $825.

Abscessed Tooth Treatment

Abscessed teeth cause pain and tooth sensitivity. Each case can vary in complexity. The average cost of an emergency dentist treatment for an abscessed tooth is $110.

Insurance Coverage

Need to see a Los Angeles emergency dentist right away? Don’t let the cost of an emergency dentist appointment deter you from getting the treatment that you require to restore your oral health and comfort needs. Most insurance policies cover dental emergencies.

Top Emergency Dental Insurances

Finding good dental insurance that covers emergency treatments is almost as good as locating a great emergency dentist. These four insurance companies offer policies that include emergency dental treatments for California residents.


Aetna has affordable dental insurance plans that offer maximum flexibility. Besides standard plans such as DMO and PPO, Aetna offers indemnity and hybrid plans that let patients see any dentist.

Delta Dental

Delta Dentaloffers plans that include an extensive network of dentists. With its competitive plans, you’ll be covered for emergency dentist appointments in every state. Insurance deductibles and co-pays are the same for both emergency dentist visits and standard dental care.


Cignahas nationwide coverage and affordable plans that fit a variety of budgets. The insurance giant has over 90,000 dentists in its network, and you can choose PPO or HMO plans.


Guardianoffers nation-wide dental emergency care coverage through its large network of providers. It also has many service discount programs, and members can roll over unused program benefits for later use.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

At Smile Angels, top emergency dentist in Beverly hills, we do our best to serve our community with top-notch emergency dentist services that are available when our patients need them the most. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our emergency dental services.

Will Dr. Vafa see me if I don’t have insurance? Yes, Smile Angels will give you prompt emergency dental services even if you don’t have insurance.

Does Smile Angels offer flexible payment plans? Yes, our dental practice offers financing and low monthly payment options.

Is Smile Angels open on holidays? Yes, we have 24x7 open office hours that include holidays.

Does Dr. Vafa treat children? Yes, Dr. Vafa performs pediatric emergency dental procedures.

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