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Why Visit a Children Dentist in Beverly Hills?

Children dentistry in Beverly Hills is a specialized field of dentistry. It requires about three years of extra training once a dentist has obtained his or her certifications. This is because the American Dental Association understands that pediatric dentistry is quite different from treating adults.

With children, the focus is much more on developing good oral hygiene habits. In addition, the dentist should be able to help the child feel safe and comfortable when visiting the dental practice. Dr. Vafa, top pediatric dentist near Beverly Hills, offers a full range of children dental services.

Pediatric Dentist Vs. General Dentist

Dr. Bruce Vafa, Beverly Hills pediatric dentist, has experience in child psychology. In addition he uses techniques that are child-friendly. This allows him to speak to children on their level and help to foster a sense of trust and safety. Because dental phobias often begin in childhood, visiting a gentle pediatric dentist can help to prevent it. He teaches children from a young age that the dentist's office is a safe and fun place. Scheduling regular visits with a pediatric dentist in Beverly Hills has several other benefits as well.

  • Regular dental checkups normalizes visiting the dentist and helps to eliminate fear.
  • Establishing a relationship with a dentist allows him or her to catch developing oral health issues early.
  • Exposing young children to correct brushing and flossing techniques helps cement them in for life.
  • Pediatric dentists can guide parents in how to help children care for their teeth.

How Much Does Children Dentistry Cost in Beverly Hills?

Children's dentistry services can vary in price from one practice to another. Pricing also depends on the services that your child needs, so don't hesitate to call our offices about specific needs your child may have.
In general, the average cost of a pediatric dental visit begins at $85.

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Children Dentistry Treatments at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills

Will My Insurance Cover Pediatric Dentistry Costs?

In most cases, your insurance will cover preventive care costs for children dentistry. We also accept Medicaid and most major dental insurance plans. If you do not have dental insurance, but you do have medical insurance, many plans offer provisions for preventive oral care for children. Therefore,  be sure to review your plan specifics if you are unsure.

There are alternative financing options such as credit cards and medical credit lines. Our dental financing options may help you get the care your children deserve. Don't hesitate to ask our staff about any financial questions you might have regarding your child's dental care.

A Holistic Approach to Dentistry For Children in Beverly Hills

Our approach to tooth care is what is considered to be holistic dentistry. Taking a holistic approach to dental care means that we are primarily focused on promoting each patient's overall health and wellness instead of simply treating his or her teeth.

Holistic therapies are generally combined with conventional treatments in order to give you the best and most comprehensive care.

While we offer a full range of services, procedures and preventive treatments, our approach encompasses more than just your oral health. Holistic wellness views the whole body as an interconnected system, and it accounts for a person's mental and emotional health as well as the physical state of the body.


A healthy smile begins with a healthy diet. Proper nutrition is an important component in preventing dental diseases, so we encourage our Beverly Hills patients to cultivate good eating habits. This is especially true for young children since they are still growing and developing.


When the body is out of balance, it's possible to develop dental malocclusions. "Dental malocclusion" is a broad term that describes a variety of issues, such as bite problems, tooth misalignment and crowding.  We may recommend early interventions or alternative treatments for children who are at risk for these problems in order to improve their overall health, confidence and well-being.


When possible, we strive to use products that are made from toxin-free, biocompatible materials.
The term "biocompatible" simply means that our dental materials are made from substances that are similar enough to the living tissues in a healthy human body that they do not irritate the natural tissue or cause a negative reaction.

One of the best examples of this is our use of composite resin instead of dental amalgam, which contains problematic materials like mercury. Not only is resin less noticeable, which can be quite important to older children who are concerned with their appearance, but it is widely accepted as a healthier choice overall.


A final and especially important aspect of holistic pediatric dentistry is preventive care. This is another reason why most Beverly Hills dentists recommend that children have their first dental visit by one year of age.

Not only does early exposure to the dentist's office help to establish trust and normalcy, but it also allows parents and dentists to catch any oral health issues that may arise as early as possible. Early interventions are often less invasive and more effective than having to perform corrective treatments after the problem is already well established.

Preventive Children Dentist in Beverly Hills

As mentioned above, prophylactic Beverly Hills pediatric dentistry is a vital part of keeping your child's teeth strong, healthy and beautiful. It is always preferable to treat a child's teeth with minimally invasive procedures in order to lessen the amount of healthy tissue that is disturbed.

Below are some of the most common pediatric dentistry services that our Beverly Hills patients require.
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Baby Root Canal

To most adults, the idea of putting a child through a root canal procedure may seem too frightening or painful to endure. However, pediatric root canals are very different from adult ones, and they can be crucial for saving a child's tooth.

Preserving a baby tooth might not sound necessary since it's going to eventually fall out anyway, but the truth is that keeping the primary teeth in a child's mouth until they fall out naturally is extremely important for the health of their adult teeth.

When does my child need a root canal?

Sometimes, a baby tooth can suddenly become painful or sensitive. This is common if the tooth has become chipped or cracked, but there are other ways it can happen as well. If this occurs, it usually indicates that the pulp of the tooth might be infected, and this will require a root canal.

What happens during a pediatric root canal?

Children's root canals are much less invasive than root canal therapy for adults. Dr. Vafa may only remove the infected pulp from the surface. Therefore, the process is faster and much less painful. This is immediately followed with a baby crown to strengthen the affected tooth.

Will this affect how the baby tooth comes out later?

Because our office uses biocompatible materials and minimally invasive procedures, your child's tooth will simply loosen and fall out in its own time, just like an untreated tooth.

Zirconia Crown For Children

Zirconia crowns are the latest innovation in biocompatible dentistry technology. These are an excellent alternative to stainless steel crowns because they are a perfect aesthetic match for the natural appearance of the tooth.

Some dentists may use stainless steel crowns for teeth that are largely out of sight. However Dr. Vafa recommends a holistic treatment, using zirconia crown. Zirconia crown is from an extremely durable ceramic that is completely biocompatible. It does not chip or discolor over time, which makes it ideal for salvaging damaged primary teeth.

Zirconia crowns are also resistant to plaque buildup and decay, so they are generally superior to other crown options.

White Dental Fillings

White dental fillings have made serious advancements in recent years, and they are now the preferred choice for both children and adults who need fillings.

Not only are white fillings able to be matched to the color of your child's tooth, but they offer many advantages over silver fillings.

Below are a few reasons why our dentists prefer white fillings to traditional silver ones.

  • White fillings are less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.
  • Dr. Vafa may remove the less of the existing tooth structure for white fillings.
  • White fillings bond to and strengthen the tooth instead of weakening it like silver.
  • There is no mercury or metal, which is healthier overall.

Space Maintainers

There are times when a child loses a baby tooth too early. Without intervention, the child's teeth will shift and cause eruption problems when the adult tooth is ready to emerge. To prevent this, a simple space maintainer is installed to hold that space for the adult tooth. The procedure is quick and easy, and it can save you a significant amount of money and headache in the future.

Childhood Sleep Apnea

Like adults, children can also suffer from sleep apnea, and this poses developmental problems as well as daily issues of excessive sleepiness. Many Beverly Hills patients don't realize that a dentist can help with early diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.

Dentists can look for warning signs such as a small jaw, reddened throat, a sudden spike in cavities and teeth grinding. While a pediatrician must make the official diagnosis, a dentist is often the first to notice the red flags.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is common in children. It is usually outgrown, but it can cause problems if left unchecked. Headaches, earaches, chipped teeth and worn tooth enamel are all issues that can develop if your child is grinding his or her teeth.

Not all cases require treatment, but serious cases can be helped with a special night guard molded to the child's teeth. This protective mouthpiece offers symptom relief quickly and keeps the teeth from becoming damaged.

X-ray Exams

While it's recommended to minimize your child's exposure to X-ray radiation, you should understand that X-rays are an important tool in your child's oral health. Our equipment meets all safety standards, and we use the absolute minimum amount of radiation possible to keep your child safe.

X-rays help us to diagnose cavities, monitor bone health, catch emerging problems and spot infections early.

Sedation Dentistry For Kids in Beverly Hills

Looking for a pediatric dentist in Beverly hills that offers sedation? The American Academy of Pediatrics has very strict guidelines regarding how sedation is handled for pediatric dental procedures. Whether your child is frightened, or the procedure simply requires your child to be still for an extended period of time, a form of sedation is often the safest and most painless way to effectively provide treatment.

We offer a variety of sedation options, and we will discuss the best options and the administration process with you prior to treatment so that you can feel safe and confident.
Learn more if sedation dentistry is safe for your children.

Behavior Management Versus Sedation

In many cases, children respond best to new or potentially scary situations when they are prepared and informed. Fear of the unknown may often be the cause of anxious or uncooperative behavior, so we employ various behavior management techniques to help make the experience more comfortable for your child.

These techniques include the "tell-show-do" method, where the staff give a hands-on explanation of each tool and procedure beforehand, as well as distraction and positive reinforcement. We will never force your child to comply, so if he or she is excessively anxious, we might recommend mild sedation to make the experience more pleasant.

Emergency Children Dentist Beverly Hills

looking for an emergency children dentist in Beverly Hills? Accidents can happen, and tooth pain may come on suddenly. Rather than waiting for it to resolve itself, it's best to get emergency dental care to prevent further complications.

Our Beverly Hills office is open late to accommodate emergencies, but serious complications such as knocked out teeth or severe and sudden tooth pain should be handled by an emergency room if dental care isn't immediately available.

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