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Dental problems are not just about cavity filling, root canal treatment and teeth whitening. In this day and age, the demand of cosmetic dental surgeries and therapies are gaining popularity too. Patients with misaligned teeth, chipped teeth or gum issues can always opt for cosmetic dental surgeries or therapies to make their smile correct, jaw line attractive and teeth look beautiful. At our Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dental Clinic, we understand the need of our clients.

Our passionate team and dentists take pride in providing the best and finest quality care so that each of our patients is fully satisfied. Our services include everything from cosmetic dental therapies, smile makeovers, and even dental implant services. After all, we always aim at understanding each patient’s individual needs so that we can provide appropriate care on time. We encourage patients to let us know about their individual needs, choices, and desires if any. In that case, we can always customize the individual dental care package for you. Whether you are looking for a dental implant service or a smile makeover, we have individualized dental care plans ready for you. If you are looking for some cosmetic dental implants and therapies, then call our Beverly Hills clinic today to book an appointment with us. We will be happy to take care of you or your family for any dental needs.

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Before starting to browse through our service packages, you should first know more about cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills, CA. This special field in dentistry is more designed to fulfill each patient’s aesthetic dental needs. Whether you have a jaw alignment problem or a chipped tooth, you can always opt for cosmetic dentistry surgeries or therapies. Cosmetic dentistry is the most sought after dental field that deals with many types of cosmetic enhancement of your dental needs. In short, this field is chiefly focused on treating patients who want a smile makeover or a dental cavity makeover.

Although cosmetic dentistry is in existence for more than two decades, it has become quite popular in recent years. People with misaligned teeth, jaw line and crowded teeth issue can now get their problems solved. This is all because of cosmetic dentistry therapies. Some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures include dental implants and smile makeovers. Those with crowded teeth, improper jaw and teeth line often face such problem. Usually, cosmetic dentists check your teeth and determine a specific procedure to treat your problem. If you opt for non-invasive procedure, then a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists advise to use invasalign and jaw braces. In case of surgical procedures, cosmetic dental surgeons perform dental surgeries to correct the jaw alignment and teeth alignment.

Finding the appropriate solution for your dental problem:

Cosmetic dental surgery and therapy is an effective solution for your dental problem. If your teeth and gum line are in healthy condition, they you may not need any restorative or therapeutic dental procedures. Most of the dental problems start with dental hygiene. If your dental cavity has root canal problem, tooth cavities, and gum disease, then you are at higher risk of developing dental disease. In many cases, tooth extraction is the only solution to avoid further complications. However, tooth extraction may lead to further teeth alignment problem. In that case, your teeth may appear crowded, misaligned and unattractive. Here in this situation, you may need a cosmetic dental surgery or therapy to correct your smile. In many other cases, cosmetic dental procedures are also performed. Apart from the aesthetic purposes, cosmetic dental surgeries are done as preventive treatments of gum diseases. This is often to reduce the risk of further development of gum disease, dental cavities, and misalignment. Again, such procedures also improve the dental health eventually.

Finding the right cosmetic dental procedure for your problem is always important. At our Beverly Hills Dental Clinic, we offer several diagnostic and therapeutic options. Patients can book appointments with us in order to get their oral cavity checked. If they need any therapies, we can help them in finding the right one. Our experienced dental practitioner will also do some checks before advising you to take up a therapeutic approach to solve your dental problem. Even after the therapy, we will guide you to maintain your dental hygiene with at-home care, daily dental regimen, routine checkups and preventive measures. After all, we want each of our clients to have healthy, shiny and beautiful smiles.

Who is the dentist?

At our Smile Angels of Beverly Hills clinic, our experienced dentist Bruce Vafa DDS, one of the most trusted cosmetic dentists in Beverly Hills, CA., gives our clients several therapy options to select from. He is one of the top dentists in the entire city. After working for 24 years in this field, he has extensive knowledge in cosmetic dentistry and therapeutic dentistry. He has the DDS degree and years of experience in this particular field. He also holds active membership in the American Dental Association. If the problem is due to misalignment, he will give a list of all types of options available to treat your problem. We will also let you know about our extensive treatment options available such as invasalign aligners, dental braces, veneers, lumineers, and many options of periodontal therapies. To find the exact problem, Dr. Vafa opts for some digital x-rays and laser diagnostic procedures. If the patient requires teeth whitening, dental implants, or surgical periodontal therapies, we will let him know. Our team will always discuss with you about all the treatment options available for your problem. Based on your decision, we will schedule your consultation for further treatment at our Smile Angels of Beverly Hills clinic.

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