Ozone Therapy in Dentistry – Benefits and Procedure
Ozone Therapy Los Angeles

Ozone Therapy in Dentistry – Benefits and Procedure

Dental Ozone Therapy in Los Angeles

What is ozone therapy in dentistry? This question is popular among patients who want to achieve better dental care. But what is ozone? How is it helpful in oxygen ozone therapy in dentistry? Well, ozone is a product of the intricate chemical reaction. Here’s how it occurs:

When an electric current is discharged in the air and meets oxygen, ozone is created. The same combination can happen when ultraviolet light imparts on floating oxygen. The result is an oxygen molecule harboring three distinct atoms which are in a constant ‘fight’ to break away from the lone molecule. Hence, the highly unstable molecule gives room for sprawling oxidation capabilities, which are tapped in the dentistry realm. Our Holistic and Cosmetic Dentistry team utilizes ozone therapy in its minimum invasiveness to help patients afford better and lasting smiles.

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The procedure of ozone therapy in dentistry

Once we evaluate your oral health and pin-point the necessary medical procedure, customized trays are molded. The plates are connected to a machine that directly delivers ozone therapy.

The upper tray receives the first batch of ozone treatment for about 12 minutes, and then the process is repeated for the lower plate. The latter takes approximately 13 minutes. The whole process spans not more than 30 minutes. You don’t have to worry about the trays because they are stored in germ-free apartments just in case you need them in the future.

How our team uses ozone

At our Los Angeles dental practice, ozone dental therapy is an adjunct for many oral procedures. Such as, restoration, disease prevention, or even healing. Dr. Vafa recommends Ozone therapy treatments for any person, of any age.

For children, Dr. Vafa applies the ozone before dental sealants or crowns are erected. For every other patient, he uses ozone as a disinfectant for the entire tooth area before any other procedure is performed.

You can schedule appointments with Dr. Vafa and ask about his dental consultation. He uses the latest model of ozone dentistry technology to restore your smile and ensure your tooth problems are forgotten.

Ozone administration routes

Oxygen ozone therapy in dentistry has taken many forms in recent stages of oral health evolution. Here at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, our team makes use of various types of natural ozone to treat your affected tooth area amicably and thoroughly. The main objective is usually to make the procedure as painless as possible hence the need to evaluate the following forms of ozone administration:

  • Gaseous ozone– Ozone in gaseous form can be administered fundamentally by a sealed suction system or through an open system. However, proper care must be observed to ensure inhalation doesn’t occur. Most at times, gaseous ozone is utilized in restorative or endodontic dental surgery.
  • Ozonized oil– The wide availability of sunflower oil has made it possible for the infusion of ozone such that it exists in ozonized form. This antimicrobial agent is mainly used for gum infection and in areas vulnerable to the highly charged ozonated water or gaseous ozone.
  • Ozonated water– This is perhaps the least expensive mode of oxygen-inclined therapy in dentistry. Dentists may consider this chemical cleaner as an alternative to gaseous ozone, which may be, in some few instances, detrimental to the breathing tract if inhaled. It is commercially available as triple ozone, ultra-pure pathogensozonated water.

Ozone Therapy Application in dentistry

Today, treatment of the root canal is virtually painless due to rapid advancement in technique, sedation and anesthetic resonating around ozone therapy. Medical-grade ozone, in particular, has been a viable option for dentists across the world.

Ozone is a pretty good alternative or, in fact, superior to other standard antiseptics and disinfectants due to its cutting edge disinfection power. Typically, when ozone is applied to pathogens, viruses, and fungi, it fizzles out the microbe of the target component. In ozone dentistry, medics make use of the extreme oxidative power of ozone to rupture microorganisms found in ailing teeth. As such, ozonated water, gas, or oil-form is conversely applied to insufflate and attack the pores of a tooth and helps it regain robust functionality.

There are many therapeutic areas that ozone therapy in dentistry is utilized. Let’s delve into some of them:

Root canals

This is perhaps the most demanding procedure as far as ozone therapy is concerned. That’s because it may result in a systematic breach in your dental health due to sterilization of the tubules which branch off the main root canal system. In as much as ozone therapy doesn’t guarantee optimum results, patients still go for it. Once the patient and dentist are consulted and agree that ozone therapy is the most viable operation, ozonated gas or water is used to sterilize the entire canal system.

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Ozonated gas can be infused into a decaying tooth area to terminate bacteria, causing cavity extension. How does it work? Essentially, ozone in gas form permeates through the interconnected grooves in the back teeth in a seamless fashion. While diffusing the tiny channels, it destroys any pathogens it comes in contact with. What’s more, it rejuvenates the enamel in its way, crucially strengthening damaged teeth through recalcification. This delicate ozone dentistry procedure is followed promptly by a repair process which utilizes mercury-free filling to stabilize the ozonated teeth.

Gum infection

Gum disease is variably easy to treat with ozone since it stems from oral bacteria and how your body responds to the disease via its immune system. Hence, ozone therapy is conducted on the affected gum and works by promptly terminating infection-causing bacteria. It also helps by hastening the healing process by oxygenation of the gum’s connective tissues.

Tooth Sensitivity

If your teeth have become brittle and extremely sensitive whenever you gulp hot or cold food and drinks, ozone dentistry may be just what you need. Ozone helps to disorient the bacterial smearing on any teeth that renders it sensitive and terminates the resultant niches. Ozone therapy in dentistry can be attested by patients who report reduced tooth sensitivity if they undergo this kind of treatment.

Teeth whitening

Ozone dentistry has recently adopted the use of ozone to whiten your pearls! Here’s how it works. Foremost, ozone therapy for teeth whitening is gentler on teeth and can be combined with other contemporary bleaching agents. The resultant gel is as-effective.

Oral bone health

When gum disease persists, it is likely to get to the buccal bone, which definitely spells doom. If this happens, you may get permanent tooth loss. However, ozone therapy is a holistic dentistry procedure that stops the progression of persistent gum disease and evades the bone from getting any puncture.

Cancer and cold sores healing

If you happen to have mouth cancer or cold sores that occasionally strike your gums, oral therapy can be applied solely on the targeted area to provide the much needed soothing effect as well as halt multiplication of disease-causing germs.

Benefits of Ozone therapy

Ozone dentistry has positive, far-reaching therapeutic consequences both to the dentist and the patient. The holistic dentistry approach utilized by our staff makes sure that a majority of these benefits are maximized for your own wholesome oral health. They include:

  • Disinfection of dental equipment– As prior-mentioned, ozone is a potent fighter against germs. It works by protecting the staff from aerosol contaminants produced by water sprays and other high-speed dental instruments.
  • Crucial pretreatment agent– Ozonated water can be used to sprinkle the periodontal pockets that grow between the gums and teeth, thereby sterilizing the site before treatment.
  • Strengthening the immune system– When ozonated water is applied onto an ailing tooth surface, it is absorbed into the body and utilized as an immune booster. This means that you are shielded from the reoccurrence of the same tooth problem.
  • Kills bacteria– Ozone has the natural ability to terminate germs and disease-harboring bacteria. This halts the persistence of tooth problems such as decay.
  • Accelerates natural healing process– Ozone therapy helps in oxygenation of the mouth, which translates to a faster healing process of the affected area.
  • Disinfects teeth– This procedure helps do away with amalgam fillings that may be causing gum infections or discoloration.

It provides a healthy environment for the production of anti-oxidants.

Where to Dental Ozone Therapy in Los Angeles

The realm of dentistry is slowly changing, and hospitals are now using modern ways to practice dentistry. Ozone therapy, as such, continues to underline the multiple benefits that holistic dentistry provides. Our team at Beverly Hills believes that this mode of treatment has eclipsed a few other conventional therapy procedures due to its multi-thronged applicability. Treating patients with ozone ensures that a great deal of germs is eliminated in addition to cutting down the treatment time considerably. You can enjoy all these benefits at Smile Angels without feeling an ounce of pain in any of the procedures. Visit or call us today.

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