What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns 

What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns 

The importance of brushing and flossing your teeth to prevent cavities is well known. However, you may find that you still develop problem spots on your teeth even when you practice proper oral hygiene. Once a cavity forms on your tooth, your only option is to have the decay removed and a restoration placed. While a filling works in some cases, you may need a dental crown Beverly Hills residents prefer to strengthen your tooth and improve the aesthetics of your smile. As you work to improve your oral health, you can use this guide to understand more about tooth decay and dental crowns so that you can make informed decisions about the best ways to care for your teeth.

Avoid Habits That Weaken Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in your body. Yet, it is still vulnerable to the effects of acids in your mouth along with forces that are applied every time you eat, chew on an object or experience a blow to your mouth. In some cases, you can weaken tooth enamel by grinding your teeth, and severely worn down teeth may require a porcelain crown Beverly Hills dentists use to prevent further deterioration. To prevent small cracks in your teeth that lead to decay, you should avoid habits such as chewing on pencils, and let your dentist know if you notice that you grind your teeth at night.

Acid erosion is another issue that leads to decay. Every time you eat or drink, acids are created in your mouth that slowly breaks down the tooth enamel. Sugary foods and beverages are the biggest culprits for acid erosion. Ideally, you should reduce the amount of soda and sweets that you eat. If you do indulge in a treat, then rinse your mouth with water afterwards, and brush your teeth as soon as you can. During your regular dental exams, your dentist can check for the early signs of acid erosion and enamel being worn down. If any signs of tooth damage are found, then they can recommend treatments such as a crown to help prevent further deterioration of your teeth.

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene to Prevent Decay

When you search for a dental crown me, you likely know that you have some type of decay in your mouth. While the good news is that your new crown helps protect your teeth, you must also remember that good oral hygiene is essential to keep that tooth and your other teeth free of decay. Talk to your dentist about the best way to prevent tooth decay. For instance, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Depending upon your current state of oral health, you may also need to do this more often.

Once you have a porcelain crown Beverly Hills people love for its luster, you need to be especially cautious about oral hygiene on this tooth. Fortunately, this is easy because you can brush and floss it normally. This helps to preserve the beauty of your crown while also preventing decay around the margins.

Understand the Importance of Early Detection

Tooth decay goes through several stages before it reaches the point that it sends you looking to find a dental crown near me. In the early stages of decay, you may merely have white spots that do not break through the enamel. When caught early, your dentist can help you maintain these areas to prevent the decay from reaching deeper. Your dentist uses visual exams along with x-rays to quickly locate decay that needs treatment before you need dental crowns Beverly Hills dentists use.

Know Your Options for Restoring Decayed Teeth

Once you have severe decay, your dentist may recommend a filling or another type of restoration to strengthen the tooth after the decay is removed. A dental crown Beverly Hills dentists use is designed to fit snugly over your tooth to create a seal that prevents future decay and breakage. Once the porcelain crown Beverly Hills dental patients prefer is put over your tooth, you can go for regular cleanings to help reduce the risk of decay at the margins.

No one wants to deal with tooth decay and cavities, but it is reassuring to know that searching for dental crowns near me leads you to a treatment that is effective for preserving your smile. Now that you know how to prevent tooth decay, you can start on developing an oral hygiene routine that protects your smile from damage.

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