10 Reasons to Try Holistic Dentistry at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills
holistic dentistry

10 Reasons to Try Holistic Dentistry at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills

Your smile is only as good as your dentist’s expertise and the amount of care that you put into your teeth. While most dentists strive to provide quality services, you should know that you have more options for taking care of your mouth than simply drilling and filling cavities with potentially toxic metal. Holistic dentistry focuses on the relationship between your overall level of wellness and the effects it has on your oral health.

Today, much more is known about the connection between living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a beautiful smile. We also now know that certain dentistry methods are no longer as safe as people once thought. Naturally, you want to make the best choices for your oral health, which is why you need to explore how these components of holistic dentistry change everything you ever know about going to the dentist.

  • focus on using nutrition to prevent tooth decay and gum disease
  • improve comfort and health through the treatment of an improper bite
  • reduce exposure to toxins that exist in common dental treatments and restorations
  • use biologically-based strategies to prevent gum disease

Now that you understand what holistic dentistry is, you need to check out these top ten reasons why you should visit Smile Angels of Beverly Hills for your dental care needs.

Enjoy Better Overall Health

Life in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is all about healthy living. After all, that gorgeous weather practically requires you to get outside and show off your smile. However, you won’t feel like doing much if you are dealing with chronic headaches or heart disease. One of the most important benefits of holistic dentistry is that you can improve your overall health with your dental care regimen.

Our dentists in Beverly Hills understand how gum disease is a risk factor for cardiovascular problems and that headaches may indicate a problem with your jaw alignment. This is why we take a general health inventory when you come to our Beverly Hills office. Once we know about your current state of wellbeing, we can offer solutions that help improve how you feel every day. For instance, wearing Invisalign braces may help to improve those headaches, and a dental cleaning treats gum disease naturally.

Correct Previous Dental Work

When you’ve always stayed on top of your oral health, you may have outdated dental materials in your mouth that needs to be replaced by our Beverly Hills dentist. While you did the right thing choosing to have your cavities filled based upon the knowledge that you had at the time, we now know better. Amalgam, or metal fillings, are known to leak mercury over time that can impact your health. You may also have metal crowns that have caused staining to occur along your gum line or silver filings that have leached into the white part of your teeth.

When you come to our Los Angles office, we encourage you to share your concerns about any previous dental work. If you do need metal fillings or crowns to be replaced, then we have the materials to do it using the best practices for holistic dentistry. We can also repair failing dental work that was done previously such as a cracked filling or loose crown restoration.

Prevent Negative Reactions With Biocompatible Materials

Our Beverly Hills dental office also uses biocompatible materials that minimize the risk of you experiencing side effects or complications from your dental care. Composite resin has the benefit of being available in a variety of different shades of white to match your teeth, and it does not contain mercury. We can also use porcelain to custom create dental restorations such as crowns, bridges and veneers. This material is also biocompatible and will not cause irritation to the soft tissues of your mouth or generate an allergic reaction.

Limit Exposure to Radiation

X-rays help dentists to see problem areas in your mouth that are not always detectable with the naked eye. Unfortunately, the types of x-rays that many dentists use are done with outdated equipment that come with the risk of radiation. Naturally, everyone should avoid being exposed to radiation since it has many negative side effects such as increasing your risk of developing cancer. However, there are also other populations that are especially vulnerable to the radiation emitted by older types of x-rays.

Typically, young children, pregnant women and anyone receiving treatment for cancer or who is in remission should avoid x-rays as much as possible. You may also prefer to limit your exposure to radiation as a healthy adult who prefers to minimize risks wherever possible. At Smile Angels in Beverly Hills, we take the same viewpoint. Our decision to use digital x-rays is a primary component of our holistic dentistry services in Beverly Hills since this practice can reduce your exposure to radiation by as much as 70 percent. Considering that many people need x-rays in our Los Angele clinic at least twice a year or more, this is definitely something to smile about.

Preserve More of Your Tooth Structure

Metal fillings require more of your tooth to be drilled out since they need retention grooves to stay in place. Our Los Angeles dentists prefer not to have to take out any more of your natural tooth structure than is necessary. For this reason, we use specialized tools that can remove only the part of the decay that must come out. We then use white fillings that bond with the teeth so that they last as long as possible.

Identify Dental Issues Earlier

Early diagnosis and treatment is another part of holistic dentistry in Beverly Hills. When we notice the early symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease, we carefully point them out and develop a treatment plan that fits our goals in holistic dentistry. For instance, you may be able to avoid a root canal by treating a cavity at our Los Angeles clinic before it works its way to the nerve of your tooth. We can also stop and even reverse gum disease with early treatment that includes a focus on proper nutrition and increased oral hygiene care.

Discover Natural Ways to Relive Pain and Anxiety

When you visit us in Beverly Hills, we like to know that you are comfortable throughout every minute of your appointment. Always let us know if you struggle with dental anxiety or are in severe pain so that we can use holistic dentistry strategies to restore your comfort. While we also offer sedation dentistry for severe pain or anxiety, we can also help you find natural strategies for feeling safe and comfortable in the chair. For instance, we can provide you with music or a warm blanket to soothe your anxiety.

Treat the Actual Underlying Cause of Your Dental Problems

Holistic dentistry also involves helping you to understand the complete picture of how everything you do affects your mouth. For example, acid erosion that occurs when you consume large amounts of acidic foods and drinks places you at risk for more decay and tooth sensitivity. You may also be able to stop bleeding and swollen gums by getting diabetes and heart disease under control.

When we notice a pattern of behavior or health issues that cause your dental problems, we help you learn how to take the right steps to correct them. Often, simply correcting your bite helps to stop nighttime teeth grinding that wears down your teeth, or you may need more frequent dental cleanings to address large amounts of plaque build up.

Improve the Aesthetics of Your Smile

Everyone’s goal is to enjoy a beautiful smile, and we love filling Los Angeles up with people who love showing off their biggest grins. With our holistic dentistry practices, you can improve your smile’s appearance while also choosing from biocompatible materials that are safe for your body. For example, porcelain veneers can cover up stains without irritation. You can also replace teeth using implants made with titanium posts for holistic smile restorations.

Establish a True Dental Home

Our Beverly Hills clinic is set up to feel like a comfortable place where you can feel free to talk about your dental concerns. With holistic dentistry, your dentist should feel like a partner who wants to see your teeth and gums stay healthy. By visiting our Los Angeles office regularly, we can get to know you and use our rapport to help you learn how to care for your smile. In fact, patient education is one of the things that we do best since holistic dentistry requires us to work as partners for each treatment to be a success.

The primary goal of holistic dentistry is to strike the perfect balance of wellness so that your oral health continues to improve. Whether you are worried about a few old amalgam fillings or want to learn how to improve gum disease with proper nutrition, we are always eager to provide you with the services and education that you need to make the best choices regarding your dental care in Los Angeles.

Give our office a call to schedule your appointment today, and let our team know that you are interested in finding out more about holistic dentistry. Once you try out our holistic services, you will see just how amazing your can feel when your entire body responds to the changes that you make in your oral health care regimen.

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