Dental Filling Tips
White dental fillings

Dental Filling Tips

A filling falling out is quite a common phenomenon. You are eating or playing, and suddenly you feel something in your mouth. When this happens, the first thing you should do is call Smile Angels in Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hills dentist will invite you to their office for a consultation. It will help to determine your treatment options.

How to prevent it From Occurring

In order to avoid problems with fillings, it is recommended that you practice proper dental care. The dentist will identify any wear before it becomes a problem. By visiting the dentist often, he or she will also provide you with instructions on how to care for your teeth. For instance, you will be told how to control plaque in your mouth, which is the primary precursor to tooth decay. If the decay is around to go on at the edges of the crown, it will eventually fall off.

There is no filling that lasts forever, but proper care ensures that it continues for as long as possible. Besides that, a dental visit will help to ensure proactive measures are taken and that the filling is replaced. However, if you skip dental appointments and the filling drops out, you may be in quite a lot of pain.
It is especially so if the filling falls out when you are on holiday, far away from professional dental services. Many factors cause fillings to drop off. These include bacteria build up on the margins, and healthy tooth wear due to grinding. If not checked often, a chipped filling could cause either a root canal or possible loss of the tooth.

What You Should Expect at Your Appointment

You should not panic if your filling falls out. All dental offices have emergency time to treat a lost filling or other emergency dental cases. Thus, your doctor will see you on the same day as your call.
If your filling falls out on the weekend, you will be given a contact to call if that happens. Once at the office, an assistant will ask you a few questions and check your dental history. An x-ray will also be taken to determine the best option to remedy the situation.
If another filing can be placed into the tooth, the dentist will help you choose which materials to use. Sometimes, a root canal may be required. In other cases, a crown may be needed to restore the tooth’s functionality. In rare instances, the tooth may need to be extracted.

Choices of Filling Materials

If the tooth can be restored, they type of restoration will depend on its location. If it is a molar, you can use silver, glass ionomer, or composite materials. For a frontal tooth, the best materials are glass ionomer and composite materials. The back teeth come under a lot of pressure from chewing, and the use of silver filling is usually the best option.
However, if a significant part of the tooth has been lost along with the filling, then a crown may be your best option. For the crown, the dentist may place a temporary crown until there is more time to set the permanent one. The placement of the permanent crown may require a few more visits.
In rare cases, the filling will leave a significant cavity when it falls out. It will usually leave your nerves exposed, which will mean you require a root canal. After that, a crown will be placed on the tooth. In some cases, the tooth may be so fractured that the only option is to extract the tooth. In such a case, you may require a dental implant or a bridge to replace the missing tooth.
In summary, when your filling falls out in Beverly Hills, the first thing to do should be to contact a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist. We will examine the tooth and determine the best treatment option for you. Get in touch with us today and get an initial consultation, so that we can help you with your missing filling problem.

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