Holiday Snacks That Won’t Harm Your Kids’ Teeth
Holiday Snacks

Holiday Snacks That Won’t Harm Your Kids’ Teeth

During the holiday rush, there is an ample supply of cookies, cakes, pies, fudge, and just about any other dessert you want. Willpower aside, it’s difficult to avoid indulging in those goodies. Before you reach for some sweet treats, remember that sugar is the most significant cause of tooth decay. When it comes to your children, don’t feel guilty if you put restrictions on your child and their snacking habits, especially since there are healthier alternatives.

Are you afraid your child won’t like a healthier holiday snack? Well, you can change the recipe to include things like whole wheat flour, cranberries, dark chocolate, molasses, and nuts. Not only will these snacks taste amazing, but they will be good for your oral health too. Here are some better options for holiday snacking:

  • Thumbprint Cookies 
    The traditional peanut butter cookie with a kiss on top can be the basis for a different yummy treat. Scrap the chocolate, and turn it into a thumbprint cookie. Choose a jar of jelly that is low in sugar and full of flavor. Your children will love using their little hands to make a big treat. The best thing is you can customize them according to their preferences.
  • Pumpkin Pie 
    No holiday celebration is complete without pumpkin pie. You may be surprised to learn that pumpkin is a healthy option for both pies, cakes, and cookies. The beautiful thing about this versatile vegetable is that you can cut the sugar without sacrificing the taste. Pumpkin has so much flavor that it doesn’t need much added to it to make a wonderful dessert. Another perk is that it’s full of fiber too. Take your pie without the whipped cream to cut the sugar consumption even more.
  • Gingerbread 
    Who says that sugar must be the ultimate holiday cookie? Gingerbread is a wonderful alternative. Did you know that gingerbread doesn’t need much sugar, especially if it’s paired with pumpkin? Also, a pumpkin-gingerbread mix is high in fiber and good for you too.
  • Almond Cookies 
    Almond cookies are always a favorite. Why not try streusel cookies to share with your kids? They use way less sugar than most recipes. Plus, the taste is fantastic.
  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberries 
    Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries? Red berries are perfect during the holiday season, and they are low in sugar and calories. Another advantage to this sweet treat is that your kids will get plenty of vitamin c with a delicious candy-coated shell. The chocolate is just enough to enhance the flavor of the berry, and together they make a dynamite duo.

Create Meals Low In Sugar Too

Desserts aren’t the only thing you should watch out for around the holidays. What about that famous sweet potato casserole? Before you pile the brown sugar and marshmallows on top, think of what you are doing to your teeth? Since these vegetables are naturally sweet, you should use the marshmallows and skip the sugar. Go ahead and indulge in this dish. Those little potatoes have tons of magnesium, iron, and vitamins D, B6, and C.

Cranberry sauce is another healthy option. Just make sure you prepare a low-sugar option. Avoid pouring one out of the can as they tend to use too much sugar. Those little berries have plenty of health benefits also. Did you know that not only can they prevent cavities, but they can get rid of any bacteria inside your mouth too? Remember, moderation is the key during the holidays. A few indulgences won’t hurt you or your children, but make sure to brush after a few sugary snacks to reduce the chance of cavities.

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