Importance of Taking Care of Your Children’s Dental Health
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Importance of Taking Care of Your Children’s Dental Health

Are you looking for the best children dentist in Beverly Hills? As many people in Beverly Hills are aware, a smile goes a long way. It goes even further when it is a smile with beautiful teeth. Keeping children’s teeth looking good needs to start with parents who teach their children how to take care of their own teeth. Then they need to ensure that they receive the right kind of dental care as they grow up.

How to Teach Your Children Proper Oral Care

Children can learn quickly how to start caring for their teeth. Habits can be taught and developed if they are continued over a long time. They will need, though, encouragement to continue the practice while young.

Teaching your children correct dental habits means showing and teaching them how to correctly brush their teeth, and floss. As they grow, you also want to include in your instruction about sugar and candy, and how too much of them can damage the teeth.

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A Lack of Parental Instruction Is Evident Today

Many dentists are reporting now that they are seeing many young people in their 20’s and 30’s with receding gums and other problems that usually occur when people are much older. Obviously this stems from the fact that parents are not teaching their children about correct dental habits, and the young people are paying for it.

Correct habits need to be taught carefully. This starts with what kind of toothbrush to use. Many people use toothbrushes with hard bristles, but these tend to wear away the gums too quickly. A softer brush with a good number of bristles is preferable and gentler.

When to brush their teeth is another thing that children need to learn. It should be done prior to eating breakfast and again before going to bed. Taking a drink of water and rinsing your mouth with it after eating sweets as a snack will help to reduce the sugar in the mouth. Snacks should also be reduced to only two per day.

Perhaps the best way to reinforce instruction in how to take care of their teeth will come in the way of example. As best as you can, follow your own advice and let your children know that you consider the things you taught them to be important to you – important enough for you to do them to.

Help Children to Perceive Teeth Care as Fun

Be careful not to convey the idea that brushing teeth is just another chore of the day. Help them to have some fun when brushing their teeth. One way to do this is to give them electric toothbrushes and good tasting toothpaste. You may also want to use a timer to ensure that they brush long enough – two minutes is recommended.

Introduce Them to a Dentist’s Office Early

While they are still very young, take them to a dentist’s office for an appointment. Let them be there often enough to become more comfortable with it, and then they won’t be afraid to go there later on in life.

A Beverly Hills Children Dentist is available to help you and your children get and maintain healthy teeth. We provide all dental care services they might need. Our Beverly Hills Dentist offices are children friendly and we are able to meet all of their dental needs.

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