Beyond The Pain: Understanding A Root Canal
woman at dentist having root canal

Beyond The Pain: Understanding A Root Canal

Saying the words root canal evokes fear in the hearts of many. There’s something dreaded about needles, a drill, and sitting in a dentist’s chair. Thankfully, it sounds worse than it is. These procedures are done routinely in our practice, and it’s completely safe. The relief it brings is worth any discomfort you feel. If you have a toothache that doesn’t go away, you could have a cavity that needs a root canal. The problem is many people wait too long to get their cavities treated, and they decay down to the root. The procedure is much more effective if it’s done sooner rather than later.

Separating Myth From Fact

As Los Angeles root canal specialists, which means we have ample experience in handling these routine treatments. Patients are often afraid of these procedures because they believe myths heard from others. Today’s use of anesthesia makes the process virtually painless. You will experience way more discomfort if you leave the tooth untreated rather than having a root canal.

Many believe that extracting their tooth is a better, and a less expensive, option. We want to preserve the teeth and keep your smile as natural as possible. While it seems like it’s a complicated dental practice, it can ensure your tooth is functional for life. There is no need for partials or other filler options, which can make the cost of an extraction seem not as attractive.

Signs You May Need A Root Canal

The amount of pain you have is dependent upon the severity of the infection. The longer you allow the cavity to go, the more significant the pain will become. Usually, people feel sensations when they are eating/drinking hot or cold items. Others feel a throbbing pain that causes pressure on the gums and tooth area. There may be small pockets of infection that form around the tooth at the gum line too, which means that the tooth is abscessed. Eating or drinking may become impossible due to constant pain.
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When there is no Symptoms

Visiting our Los Angeles root canal specialists can help you to treat the infection before it can progress. In some cases, the tooth may need a root canal, but you may not have any symptoms. An x-ray can tell the real story as well as the apparent discoloration of the tooth. Trauma to the tooth can also cause the need for this delicate dental procedure. Whenever the pulpitis is damaged, soft tissues, either by injury or infection, a root canal is needed.

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Using standard protocols, about 90 percent of all root canals are successful. You can expect to experience some mild pain after the procedure, but it shouldn’t be intolerable. Sometimes, the tooth can have other issues that were not detected, like a crack, and the process will fail. The tooth will need further treatment. If you have an infection in your tooth, then your Los Angeles root canal specialist can help to relieve your pain while keeping your tooth intact.

We have 24 hour emergency service when your pain is at it’s worst. If you live in the Beverly Hills area, our emergency dental care can save you another sleepless night. call today to make an appointment to have your root canal.

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