Best Beverly Hills Dentist – Bruce Vafa DDS.
Best Dentist in Beverly Hills, CA

Best Beverly Hills Dentist – Bruce Vafa DDS.

Beverly Hills is certainly known for its share of people with beautiful smiles and white teeth. Most of them were not endowed with such beautiful teeth naturally. Instead, they had their dentistry work completed by professionals who were very experienced. As a result, their smiles are now well-known and they are glad to smile for the cameras!

One dentist that has performed dental work on such people for over 20 years is Bruce Vafa, DDS. He is a well-known Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, CA, that has worked on many people’s teeth in Hollywood, including people’s names you see on TV or in the movies often. Besides celebrities, he also has performed cosmetic dentistry on models, business men, and even on such movies as Hanover 2. His longevity in the area, along with the many well-known people he has helped, have earned him the title of the best dentist in Los Angeles.

Because well-known people are evidence of his professional dental work, it is easy to see his quality of work. He continues to offer his services at the Beverly Hills Dentist office, and invites people in the Los Angeles area for their dental care. He offers all services in the area of cosmetic dentistry, including the following:

  • Zoom Teeth Whitening
  • Braces & Invisalign
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Anti-Aging Dentistry
  • Children’s Dental Services
  • And more.

Having cosmetic dental work done on your teeth can do many things for you. It can correct many problems that you may have with your jaw (TMJ), bite, and more.

Another facet of cosmetic dentistry that you may be interested in is our anti-aging dentistry. When teeth begin to become reduced in height and gums recede, it often affects the way you look. You will lose the fullness in your cheeks; your smile may become lopsided, or become a frown, and more. When this happens, it makes you look older and your smile just is not the same anymore.

Anti-aging dentistry can take about 10 years off of your face and help you look beautiful again. Not only can your teeth be made white again, but Beverly Hills Dentist can restore your smile, make your cheeks fuller again, and give you your self-esteem back again.

Your teeth can be made white again with cleaning, teeth whitening and veneers. The Zoom teeth whitening system is well-known and a real difference will be seen after just one visit. Your teeth can look beautiful again. Gaps can be closed, and missing teeth can be replaced with tooth implants.

Our offices at Beverly Hills Dentist can give you the smile makeover you need. Dr. Bruce Vafa, DDS, can help ensure you look good again. We provide all cosmetic dentistry needs for all ages, and have a number of special offers that will help you save money. If orthodontic services are needed for children, or even for you, we can help you understand if braces or Invisalign would be the better option. Both are available at the Beverly Hills Dentist office.

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