Valentine’s Day Dental Tips – 10 Dental Tips for the Perfect Date Night
dental tips for Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Dental Tips – 10 Dental Tips for the Perfect Date Night

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a time for love – and dates. This means you want to be able to smile without embarrassment. You want to look real and have some self-esteem when you do part those lips and show those beautiful teeth. You also want to have fresh breath so that you can give that kiss without having to cut it short, or worry about having bad breath.

Get Your Teeth Looking Their Best

If you are concerned about how your smile looks, you can get ready for your Valentine’s date by getting teeth cleaning and teeth whitening at your local dentist’s office. Afterwards, you can have confidence in your smile and you can be sure that your date would be glad to kiss someone with a beautiful smile.

Having white and clean teeth will also help you deal with bad breath. When kissing, it can sure cause things to be cut short – and on Valentine’s Day you don’t want that to happen. This can sometimes be caused with bacteria in your mouth left between brushings because a toothbrush cannot get to it. A cleaning can help remove tartar, plaque and other bacteria that will cause bad breath.

Date Night Tips

When you go out on your date on Valentine’s Day, you want to be sure to leave a positive impression and a kiss that is sure to be remembered. Here are some tips to help ensure good results on a Valentine’s Day date:

  1. Get your teeth cleaned
  2. Zoom teeth whitening
  3. Have cavities repaired
  4. Be treated for gingivitis
  5. Brush your teeth twice each day
  6. Floss at least once a day
  7. Keep your teeth looking good by visiting your dentist twice a year
  8. Use mouthwash or sugarless gum to ensure sweet-smelling breath
  9. Avoid smoking and all tobacco products
  10. Drink water – it will help with bad breath better than other drinks
  11. Avoid a dry mouth and stay hydrated

If one or more of these habits are not part of your regular routine, it will be worth it to make them a regular part of your day. This will ensure your teeth and smile lasts longer, and will help you to keep bad breath away.

There may still be time for you to be more kissable by looking your best. Whiter teeth are very noticeable, and it will help you be seen and remembered. Then when it is time for that kiss, you will be ready for an unforgettable moment.

Watch What You Eat

On a date night, it is also important to remember that bad breath can be caused by certain foods. While things like onions, garlic, and other spices will help food taste great while you eat it, if you are unable to brush your teeth soon, it will make your breath smell bad after a while. This means you want to think twice about what you eat on that date and whether or not you will be able to brush your teeth soon or not.

Get ready for your date night by visiting your Beverly Hills Dentist Bruce Vafa DDS and ask for our Los Angeles Zoom teeth Whitening deal. With Cosmetic dentistry we enables you to look your best when on a date – or anywhere. A smile makeover is available, as well as any other dental care you may need.


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