Why some dental fillings fall out in just few couple of years?
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Why some dental fillings fall out in just few couple of years?

What to Do If Your Filling Falls Out

Imagine biting into an apple and instantly realizing that your tooth, your filling that is just a couple of years old, has broken off. While it will be surprising, and probably disappointing, it does happen occasionally. When it does happen, you simply need to contact your dentist, and then the next step will be determined after an examination.

Possible Causes of Losing a Filling

Losing a filling can be more than just a little inconvenient. Sometimes, there may be pain associated with it, and the empty space may be annoying because you are not used to it. Fillings are apt to breakdown at some point and will need replacing when they do. If the broken tooth is ignored, it is possible that the entire tooth could be lost.

A possible cause of the loss of a filling is that bacteria can accumulate around the edge of it and can cause it to become loose and eventually fall out. This factor can be avoided by regular and proper dental hygiene. Being active in rough sports can also cause injuries to the teeth and lead to a lost filling.

Other possible causes can come from personal habits. If you tend to clench or grind your teeth, this can also loosen or chip a tooth, which can lead to the loss of a filling.

Take the Loose Filling Out of Your Mouth

If you have not accidentally swallowed the filling already, take it out of your mouth. Breathing in the materials from the filling can cause an infection in your lungs. The dentist may want to see the filling to determine what caused it to fall out, but in most cases it will not matter.

It is possible that you may have some pain associated with the lost filling. You may be able to take care of the pain with an over-the-counter pain medication, or the dentist may be able to put in a temporary filling, and more complete and permanent treatment will occur later.

Why You Should See the Dentist

The longer you wait to see the dentist, the more likely it is that food will get down into the cavity. This may be difficult to get out with a toothbrush, which means it will likely accelerate the decay. If it is not refilled, it will lead to having to get a root canal, and that is going to be costly.

Dental Care Possibilities

After examining the tooth, the dentist will decide on your options. Most likely, your filling may simply be replaced, and you may be able to choose between an amalgam filling, or a tooth-colored one. It is also a possibility that you may need a bridge or an implant. In some cases, it may be necessary to send you to another dentist.

Preventing Fillings from Falling Out

Care needs to be given to your teeth if you have filling in them. It is not necessary to go to extremes, though, because fillings are made to endure a lot. However, if you play sports where your mouth is apt to take hits, you certainly want to wear teeth guards while engaged in the sport. Be careful about eating hard foods, such as candy.

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