A Complete Guide To Mouthguards in Los Angeles, CA

A Complete Guide To Mouthguards in Los Angeles, CA

A mouth guard is a device that is placed over the teeth. The purpose of a mouth guard is to protect the teeth during a sport or other physical activity. It can also be used to protect the teeth from grinding or clinching. Patients who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ disorder, are often prescribed a mouth guard. A mouth guard can cushion the joints in the jaw.

Do I Need a Mouth Guard?

Anybody who plays a contact sport, such as football, needs to wear a mouth guard. Even if you play a non-contact sport, you will still need to wear a mouth guard if you are at an increased risk of suffering a mouth injury. This includes sports like gymnastics and skating.

People who have a problem with teeth grinding also need to wear a mouth guard. A mouth guard can prevent your teeth from getting injured or falling out if you are hit in the face. It can also prevent you from damaging your teeth if you grind them.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are three main types of mouth guards that you can find in Los Angeles. You can get a ready-made mouth guard, mouth-formed mouth guard or custom-made mouth guard. Many people who live in Los Angeles opt to get a ready-made mouth guard because it is inexpensive. You can find one of these mouth guards at a sporting goods store or drug store.

It is important to remember that ready-made mouth guards are one-size-fit all. It is likely that this mouth guard will fall out while you are sleeping or playing a sport. These mouth guards are also not durable, which means that they will need to be replaced often.

Mouth-formed mouth guards are a little more expensive than ready-made mouth guards. These mouth guards have to be boiled before they are used. Mouth-formed mouth guards offer better protection than ready-made mouth guards because they are less likely to fall out. However, these mouth guards can be bulky, which can make it difficult to speak and breathe.

If you are in need of a mouth guard, then it is best for you to see a Beverly Hills mouth guards specialist. You will get a mouth guard that is custom-made to fit your mouth. An impression will be taken before your mouth guard is made. Custom-made mouth guards are durable and effective. They can also be cleaned easily. You will not have to worry about the mouth guard falling out while you are playing a sport or sleeping.

Not only do mouthguards protect your mouth from injury and prevent tooth grinding, but they can also prevent concussions. In fact, some studies suggest that mouth guards can reduce the risk of a concussion by up to 50 percent. The only disadvantage that comes along with getting a custom-made mouth guard from a Beverly Hills mouth guards specialist is the expense.

However, the money that you spend on the mouth guard will be well worth it. You can potentially save a lot of money on medical bills and dental bills if you have a custom-made mouth guard. A mouth guard costs a lot less than getting a broken tooth or concussion treated.

How do I Clean my Mouth Guard?

Your mouth guard will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can clean your mouth guard using toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. You will need to keep your mouth guard dry by storing it in its proper container. It is important to use a container with vents in order to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Keep the mouth guard in a place where pets and children cannot get to it. Many pets have used mouth guards as chew toys. Make sure that you take your mouth guard with you to your dental appointments. Your custom-made mouth guard can last for several years if it is properly cared for.

Can I use a Mouth Guard if I Have Braces?

You can still wear a mouth guard if you have braces. The mouth guard can be custom-made to fit over your braces. Wearing a mouth guard can prevent your braces from getting damaged.

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