Treating TMJ Pain with BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser
BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser

Treating TMJ Pain with BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a dental condition that affects about 5% to 12% of the population. Besides pain, other TMJ disorder symptoms include headaches, toothaches, jaw clicking, tinnitus and malocclusions. If you are in California, visiting a reputable dental clinic like Smile Angels of Beverly Hills is highly recommended for treating TMJ pain. Bruce Vafa DDs., who heads the clinic, is a TMJ specialist with many years of experience in the field. While there are many ways to manage TMJ pain, the BIOLASE epic diode laser has proven to be an effective treatment option.

Understanding TMJ Disorder

What is a TMJ Disorder

A TMJ disorder is a dental condition that affects the joints in the jaw as well as the muscles and ligaments that regulate jaw movement. The disorder is a problem because it can cause jaw pain, toothaches, headaches and other issues. Opening and closing your mouth can also be difficult if you have the disorder. Treating TMJ pain and other associated symptoms on the first sign of alarm is paramount.

Causes of TMJ Disorder

The TMJ disorder has several causes. These include arthritis affecting the jaw joints and jaw injury issues like a broken jaw and teeth grinding. Malocclusions and stress are also notorious for causing TMJ dysfunction. Besides, certain habits, such as using teeth as tools, chewing on hard objects and poor posture, can worsen TMJ disorder if you already have it.

Methods Used to Treat TMJ Disorder Before Technological Advancements

Before advanced technology emerged, treating TMJ pain involved using traditional methods. One of the methods was taking prescription medications like pain relievers and muscle relaxers. Receiving physical therapy and wearing personalized mouth guards were other popular methods used in treating TMJ pain. In severe cases, a patient would undergo surgery to correct the disorder. Nevertheless, the methods were expensive, time-consuming and ineffective in certain circumstances.

What is the BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser

The Epic Diode Laser by BIOLASE is an aerosol-free dental laser with new innovations for treating TMJ pain. The equipment utilizes lasers set at a particular wavelength to target and treat the affected area. This instrument has three modes, namely Whitening, Surgery and Pain Relief, to help you perform several procedures with one piece of equipment.

How BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser Differs From Traditional Treatment Methods

Traditional methods differ from the BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser because it uses laser technology. Unlike conventional treatment methods, which can sometimes be ineffective in managing TMJ disorder, the BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser is much more effective in treating TMJ pain. It offers pain relief faster than traditional methods. It is also quick to use and more cost-effective than other approaches.

Benefits of Using Laser Technology in Dental Treatments

The application of laser technology in treating TMJ pain and other dental issues comes with many incredible benefits. Firstly, laser treatment causes minimal to no pain, reducing the need for anesthesia. In relation, less pain means little discomfort to the patient. Secondly, treating dental issues using laser technology reduces swelling and bleeding, especially when treating soft tissues. Thirdly, laser technology is precise in treating TMJ pain and other disorders. It does not affect the surrounding teeth, gums and muscles during treatment. Lastly, the treatment has a short recovery period compared to traditional methods. That means you can go home after the procedure and continue with your day-to-day activities a few days later.

How BIOLASE Treats TMJ Pain

Step-by-Step TMJ Treatment Using BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser

Treating TMJ pain using the BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser follows a few steps. To begin, your dentist will instruct you to lie on the patient chair and provide protective eyewear. The practitioner will then put medium rubber mouth props to keep your mouth open. Next, your dentist will use the BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser to target the affected temporomandibular joint. Once this is done, your dentist will allow you to go home. The near-infrared light will enhance tissue and lessen pain.

The BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser Pain-Free and Non-Invasive Aspects

The BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser is a fantastic treatment for TMJ disorder since it is pain-free and non-invasive. Since laser treatment does not involve incisions, it is less painful than traditional methods. Its non-invasive nature makes it a fast, efficient and effective treatment solution for individuals who want to experience natural healing. Moreover, its non-invasiveness means the procedure does not result in any bleeding issues like conventional methods.

Advantages of Choosing Smile Angels of Beverly Hills

You will enjoy many incredible benefits by visiting Smile Angels of Beverly Hills for your TMJ disorder treatment. For starters, Bruce Vafa DDs. is a specialist in using laser technology. The dentist has more than 25 years of experience using complex techniques and procedures in dental care to assist patients.

Furthermore, the facility is a state-of-the-art dental clinic providing multiple dental services, including holistic and cosmetic dentistry. Aside from Bruce Vafa, the clinic has a few other licensed dentists with expertise in various fields. Thus, booking an appointment at the dentistry means getting quality services from reputable practitioners. Contact Smile Angels of Beverly Hills at (310) 201-9001 to schedule a consultation.


Overall, the BIOLASE Epic Diode Laser for treating TMJ pain is incredible because it is non-invasive, pain-free and quick. It is also cheaper and more effective than traditional treatment methods. There is no doubt that laser technology will revolutionize dentistry to new levels in the next few years as more advancements take place. Visit Smile Angels of Beverly Hills today if you need help with TMJ disorder or have any other enquiries.

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