A New Look into All on 4 Dental Implant Problems and Complications
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A New Look into All on 4 Dental Implant Problems and Complications

There are 5 major all on 4 dental implants problems and risks. All on 4 dental implant refers to the cosmetic dental procedure that dentists may use to replace a full set of upper or lower teeth.  All on four implants only uses 4 dental implants. Dr. Vafa will statically position  4 dental implants that can hold a full set of 14 teeth in place. A dental implant is the screw-like peg that Dr. Vafa inserts into the jawbone. It will be the support for holding the covering crown in place.

All on 4 implant process is less costly than having 14 individual dental implants. However there are potential problems and complications with this method of teeth replacements.

Materials | Diabetes | SmokingImplant Site | Experience

5 common risks and problems associated with All on 4 dental implants


The materials that most dentists often use to create a full implant bridge are a risk factor. They consist of a metal substructure to hold the plastic teeth and the pink tinted acrylic that resembles the surrounding gum area. The problem with these materials are that they are intended for removable dentures. Therefore such materials are not as a permanently affixed tooth replacement. The materials are porous, which means that they can stain easily and accumulate plaque buildup if the patient is not able to remove them for cleaning. Dr. Vafa’s all on 4 Los Angeles dental implants use the sturdiest, smoothest materials available to minimize, or eliminate surface discolorations and plaque buildup.


Maintaining stable blood sugar levels is very important. It is an important component of the osseointegration process necessary for the implant to adhere to the bone area. The highs and lows of blood sugar levels can result in a prolonged healing process. When the blood sugar levels are controlled with insulin or other diabetic medications, this potential problem is at minimum. Dr. Vafa will advise his patients with diabetes if the all on 4 Los Angeles implants are the best option for them. In addition, he always present the best treatment options to his patients.


The negative effects of smoking on a person’s general health condition have been known for a long time. But, smoking can impact a person’s oral cavity as well. In other words, this means that smokers are at a higher risk of bone loss throughout the jaw bone. Therefore, they may lose bone tissue that surrounds an implant. This may lead to periodontal problems and implant failure. However, Dr. Vafa works with his patients that smoke and thoroughly explains alternative protocols that may be required to increase the success of implant survival for those who do not quit smoking.

Implant Site

Patients with pre-existing or chronic periodontal problems may be at higher risk of implant failure. These problems can be extensive bone loss at the implant site. In addition, other dental issues to consider are infections and poor dental hygiene. Dr. Vafa will need to correct them before an all on 4 implant can be successful. Any complication at the implant site that will hinder the attachment of natural bone tissue to the inserted implant will be analyzed and discussed with the patient before an all on 4 Los Angeles implant procedure.


The experience of the dentist is an important factor to reduce the risks and problems with all on 4. Too often, it is the inexperience of the dentist that is directly related to the failure of the implant process. For instance, Dr. Vafa has more than two decades of hands-on experience with dental implants. Above all, he has a very high success rate for all on 4 dental implants for patients of all ages and with all forms of health issues. In addition, Dr. Vafa does not use a one-size-fits-all approach to implant bridges. He customize that implants to ensure they match the patient’s needs, the size and shape of the patient’s oral cavity, and the patient’s personal medical history.

Do all on 4 dental implants worth the risks?

In conclusion, there is no reason for anyone to be without a full set of properly functioning teeth. Dr. Vafa at Smile Angels is ready to help. He offer 100% all on 4 dental Implants consultation. The consultation is an opportunity for you to learn more about all on 4 problems.
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