A complete Guide to Snap-On Smile
Snap on Smile Beverly Hills

A complete Guide to Snap-On Smile

What do you do if you have a less than perfect smile, but can not afford traditional treatments like braces or tooth whitening? Snap-on Smile in Beverly Hills could be the solution you have been looking for. More and more people are turning to this affordable alternative.
So, what exactly is a Snap-on Smile? Here are some of the details to get you on the road to a beautiful smile.

What is Snap-on Smile

A Snap-on Smile in Beverly Hills is a unique solution to expensive treatments. Made from very thin dental resin, they fit similar to the way whitening trays fit over your teeth. Make no mistake, however. It is not like clear braces. They cosmetically mask imperfections. They are not a corrective procedure. Think of them as a face-lift for your teeth. They cover gaps, crooked teeth, missing teeth, and stained teeth without a long-term commitment. This makes the Snap-on Smile of Los Angeles a perfect choice if you simply wish to see how you would look after a more permanent solution.

What Happens at the Dentist Office

Another benefit to this treatment is the ease getting them. Two trips to your dentist and you are set. Your initial visit will consist of your doctor making a dental mold of your mouth. This is sent to the Snap-on Smile Beverly Hills labs where your forms are fashioned just for you.
Your second trip to the dentist is for a fitting and consultation on the care of your new smile. There are no painful procedures to endure and no follow-up visits unless you experience an issue.

Who Can Benefit from Snap-on Smile?

Almost anyone with mild dental issues can reap the benefits of a Snap-on Smile of Los Angeles. They are a wonderful alternative to teeth whitening treatments which can get costly, and if you have a missing tooth or two, they can cover the gap without having to endure implants. Are your teeth slightly crooked? They snap right over them to give you the appearance of a perfect smile.
Snap-on Smile of Beverly Hills can help restore the confidence of anyone with minor imperfections, but they are not for anyone with more advanced issues such as severe tooth decay, jaw misalignment, or infected teeth. Your Snap-on Smile Los Angeles professional will go over your dental records and give you the best advice.

What to Expect

There will be no pain involved since your Snap-on Smile of Beverly Hills is just covering, not correcting.
You can expect a slight disruption to your speech in the first week or two. Your tongue will naturally adjust to the new objects and you will sound like yourself again in no time.
Yes, you can eat or drink anything you wish, but a word of caution, leave the gum at home. The gum can become stuck to the trays and work itself into them, leaving you with a terrible mess to clean up.
Sensitive teeth are the result of weakened and porous enamel exposing nerve endings. Snap-on Smile covers the teeth and provides a layer of protection, allowing you to enjoy coffee and even ice cream again.

Caring for My Snap-on Smile

Your doctor will give you a special cleaning solution for your new Snap-on Smile of Los Angeles. Care for them at the same time you brush your teeth to establish a routine.
When you are ready to pop in a winning smile, call the caring professionals at Smile Angels. They offer a consultation and will help you decide types or treatments  are right for you. Your new smile is waiting.

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