Schedule a Teeth Cleaning and Dental Checkup with Smile Angels of Beverly Hills 

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning and Dental Checkup with Smile Angels of Beverly Hills 

Submitting to a teeth cleaning from our professionals at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills will ensure a healthy mouth. By letting us clean your teeth once every six months, you’ll be providing the best method of preventative care for your teeth and gums. The process is designed to make sure the tartar and plaque that makes its home on your teeth will be thoroughly removed. Additionally, our state of the art tools help us clean the areas of your mouth that you may have difficulty reaching. Our techniques also help us get below the gum line, where food particles and bacteria do the most damage.

Even if you’ve been less diligent in the past about seeing a Los Angeles area dentist regularly, it’s important to start now. Going for extended periods without proper cleanings allows plaque and tartar to build up and attack various parts of the mouth. The biggest problem you may face, if this does describe your situation, is the development of gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease can cause decay to affect multiple teeth, which may require extensive work to repair.

To give each patient the best possible cleaning, Smile Angels of Beverly Hills recommends an extensive cleaning conducted over three to four visits. This is necessary, because cleaning in and around the gums can cause inflammation to occur. Instead of letting the gums become irritated, we spread the cleaning over multiple visits to ensure a thorough and healthy cleaning.

If you have been diligent in your oral care practices and have had regular cleanings, you may not require as deep of a cleaning. Your dentist will let you know, once he can examine your teeth and determine how much plaque and tartar has built up on your teeth and at the gum line. Whether you need a deep cleaning, or a standard cleaning, getting this procedure done is essential to your overall oral care.

Smile Angels of Beverly Hills is a full service dental care facility with many years of experience. This means that, if you do have gum disease, we’ll be able to treat you with a thorough gum cleaning in as delicate a manner as possible. We’ll numb the gums to limit the irritation you feel, while using the most efficient techniques to provide a quick and complete cleaning. After your cleaning has been completed, you’ll begin to experience the benefits of a healthy mouth. Your gums will begin to heal and your teeth will feel more secure in your mouth.

In some cases, gum disease may be more advanced, requiring additional procedures. When gum disease advances, it can cause the gums to recede and that problem will need to be addressed as well. Gums won’t grow back on their own, so grafting tissue to the gums becomes necessary. The treatment is designed to restore the gum tissue to its previous size and shape, so the teeth will be properly protected.

Gum disease is a serious issue that affects many people, so there’s no reason to feel ashamed, if you have developed the condition. The important thing is that you have the condition treated and that you take steps to ensure your mouth heals and you don’t allow gum disease to affect you in the future. The best way to do this is to follow a diligent schedule of brushing and flossing, backing up your dental hygiene practices with regular dentist visits. The professionals at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills can provide you with a consultation that can help you determine your future oral care needs. Working together with your dentist, you’ll be able to protect your mouth against disease and decay.

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