How often to get your teeth cleaned
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How often to get your teeth cleaned

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. To maintain that white, pearly look to teeth, brushing and flossing at least twice a day is a necessity, but it’s not enough alone to ensure that gums and teeth remain in optimum health. If you ask any good dental hygienist, he or she will tell you that a teeth cleaning every six months is also part of ensuring you keep that beautiful smile.

Why You Need Professional Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist keeps plaque at bay. Even after meticulous brushing and flossing, some of the bacteria that causes plaque begins to build over time which is why teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist on a regular basis is of utmost importance.

Identifying Potential Problems

By allowing your dental hygienist to examine your teeth at teeth cleaning appointments, he or she can identify other problems that might be an issue so the teeth cleaning itself is not the only thing that matters. The Los Angeles dentist in the office will be alerted to anything the dental hygienist finds, and you can get other possible issues addressed before they become big problems.

Make an Appointment

A dental hygienist will be able to work out with you the best schedule for your teeth cleaning regimen. Making an appointment is easy. Call us today at our Los Angeles office at 310-201-9001 and get started.

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