How to Clean Your Dentures – Best Way
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How to Clean Your Dentures – Best Way

You need to practice proper denture care if you want to keep your mouth healthy and dentures in good condition. Below are tips on how you can care for your full or partial removable dentures.

Ideal Denture Care Tips

Clean your dentures daily

You must clean your dentures daily if possible. You can do this by brushing using a brush with soft bristles and a denture cleanser with nonabrasive properties. That ensures your dentures don’t get affected by food and plaque.
You should avoid using any brush with hard bristles because it can damage or accelerate wear and tear in your dentures.

Keep your dentures soaked when they are not in use

Your dentures will dry and lose shape if you fail to keep them moist when you are not wearing them. Soak your dentures in water or a denture-soaking cleanser solution once you take them off, especially overnight. You can consult with your dentist or check for instructions on proper soaking practices from your denture manufacturer.

Clean dentures carefully before wearing them

Most solutions for soaking dentures get manufactured using chemicals that can harm you. Therefore, you should rinse your dentures thoroughly before wearing them. The chemicals in the solution may cause burns, vomiting, and pain if you happen to swallow because you did not rinse well.

Brush and rinse your mouth after taking your dentures off

You can use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean your natural teeth after taking out your dentures. Use gauze or a very soft toothbrush to clean your palate, cheeks, and tongue. If your dentures require you to use adhesive, ensure you have cleaned all traces.

Treat your dentures with care.

Make sure you handle your dentures carefully when cleaning. Try not to bend the plastic or clasps.
You can also clean your dentures over a sink filled with water or a folded towel. That is to make sure they don’t get damaged if you accidentally drop them.

Remove and clean your dentures after

You can get rid of such unwanted particles as food debris in your dentures by running clean water over them. You should also clean and thoroughly rinse your mouth to prevent tooth decay and other unwanted dental issues.

Use denture cleaner

You can clean your dentures using either mild dish washing liquid or hand soap. Avoid using toothpaste or products that contain bleach.

What to Avoid

Avoid the following if you want to keep your dentures in tip-top condition:

Cleaning products and materials with abrasive qualities

As we mentioned earlier, you should avoid cleaning your dentures using whitening kinds of toothpaste and other abrasive products; or hard-bristled brushes. These can damage your dentures.
Whitening toothpaste is not effective in cleaning dentures since it can’t even change your denture’s color. Plus, cleaning solutions that contain will only corrode and tarnish the metal in your dentures.

Hot water

Boiling or hot water can distort the shape of your dentures if you use it to clean them regularly.
How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist If You Have Dentures?
You can plan a visit to your prosthodontist or dentist as regularly as it’s possible. The most common situations that warrant a checkup include:

If your dentures are a loose fit

You should see your dentist as soon as you realize your dentures are getting loose because they can cause infection or irritation. Don’t try to adjust or repair your dentures because you can end up damaging them further.

As often as your oral health care provider recommends

You will get a recommendation of the number of visits you have to pay your dentist to get your dentures professionally examined and cleaned.

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