Emergency dentist near me open Sunday
Emergency dentist open Sunday

Emergency dentist near me open Sunday

If you are experiencing a dental health issue on the weekend, then you might wonder if there is an emergency dentist near me open Sunday.  The answer is available at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills. Dr. Bruce Vafa is a Los Angeles emergency dentist who you can count on when you have a problem with your teeth or gums. When you are trying to decide if you have a real dental health issue that can’t wait until Monday, consider these reasons for contacting our dental facility.

Reason 1: Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is an emergency that requires prompt attention. However,  you can have the problem fixed right away. Save the dislodged piece of tooth to bring it to our dental office. The best way to do this is by placing the tooth chip in a damp cloth without washing it. In addition, protect your damaged tooth by not eating or drinking anything. Call our office so that our dentist is waiting for you to begin an evaluation to attach the tooth chip or to repair your tooth. Small chips are easier to fix, but our dentist can also make a dental crown or veneer to improve the appearance of a tooth. If the tooth is damaged severely, then you can have a root canal procedure before a customized crown is placed over the damaged tooth.

Reason 2: Horrible Toothache

When you take great care of your teeth, you will seldom have a toothache that requires an emergency dentist. However, if you have pain in a tooth or the surrounding gums, then you can call Smile Angels for help. Our dentist will examine your mouth along with collecting medical images to determine what is causing the discomfort. You might have a large cavity that requires a filling or a root canal. Therefore  it is also possible to have an infection in the gums that is causing pain in the area around the alveolar bones and the jawbone.

Reason 3: A Filling Falls Out of a Tooth

You might think that when a filling falls out of a tooth that it isn’t a problem, but you will begin to have pain in the hole right away. If you are wondering if there is an emergency dentist near me open Sunday, then call us. Don’t try to place store-bought pain relieving gels or temporary substances in the opening where the filling was located because it can cause more problems by introducing dangerous bacteria that will harm the tooth. You shouldn’t drink or eat anything either because these items can infect the pulp and nerves of the tooth. At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, Dr. Bruce Vafa can determine if a new filling is appropriate for the tooth, or he can decide if you need a crown instead.

Reason 4: Dislocating a Tooth in an Accident

If you fall from a bicycle or play sports without a mouth guard, then you may dislocate a tooth. This will require a trip to a Beverly Hills emergency dentist. You should protect the dislocated tooth by placing it back into the socket without washing it, or alternatively, you can place it in a lukewarm cup of water. Experts recommend fast treatment for a dislocated tooth so that the nerves in the gums and the tooth will stay active. Have a friend call Dr. Bruce Vafa so that he is waiting for you in the examination room to begin the process of reattaching the dislocated tooth into your gums by stabilizing it with wires that are attached to the surrounding teeth.

Reason 5: A Severely Damaged Dental Restoration or Appliance

When you have dental restorations such as veneers, crowns or bridges, the items can become damaged in a variety of ways. An accident or chewing hard food can lead to problems with dental restorations. However, the  good news is that Smile Angels of Beverly Hills can provide efficient treatment for these problems. You should wrap your dislocated dental restoration in a soft cloth to bring it with you. On the other hand you may also need to use extra caution if the item is still in your mouth. In some cases, it is possible to repair damaged dental restorations, or you might need a new appliance made by a dental laboratory technician.

Remain Calm When a Dental Emergency Occurs

A dental emergency can seem frightening, but a Los Angeles emergency dentist has training in how to handle these situations. It is important to remain calm when a dental problem occurs. If you can find a relative or friend to bring you to the dentist, then that is the safest choice. We recommend avoid taking any medications before visiting Angels Smiles of Beverly Hills because you may need sedation for a procedure from Dr. Bruce Vafa.

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