The Average Cost Of A Tooth Filling Procedure for 2020
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The Average Cost Of A Tooth Filling Procedure for 2020

What is a Cavity?

A cavity occurs when you expose the structure of your tooth to bacteria, which results decay in long term. This is an issue for every age from children to seniors. A cavity is basically a small hole developing in your tooth. We at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills perform a tooth filling procedure to treat your cavity. This restores the structure of your tooth while improving your smile. If you do not have your cavity treated such as with a holistic tooth filling, a biocompatible tooth filling or a white tooth filling, your tooth structure will continue being destroyed by the bacteria resulting in a much larger cavity. The cost of tooth filling will then increase.

Without a tooth filling procedure from the best dentist near me, there are two serious possibilities.

  1. The cavity will progress and damage the tooth to the point that your dentist wont be able to save it.
  2. Cavity will reach the center of your tooth. This is where your blood vessels and nerves are located. If the cavity reaches your nerves, it can become extremely painful.

How Much is a Tooth Filling?

If you have visited a Beverly Hills dentist and been told you require a tooth filling procedure, you most likely want to know the average cost of tooth filling procedure in Los Angeles.

Your tooth filling cost is dependent on many different factors. A filling in not one of the more expensive dental procedures. The price will depend on the size of your cavity, where the tooth is located, the tooth filling material, if you need sedation and whether or not you have some type of dental coverage. All of this will affect your tooth filling cost.

Why Smile Angels?

First of all, Smile Angels of Beverly Hills will never use silver tooth filling. Not only is this type of filling aesthetically unattractive, but it may also contain tin, copper or zinc in addition to the silver. Excessive exposure to this type of tooth filling material may be harmful to your health. In extreme cases, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and skin irritation have been reported. The cost of tooth filling is dependent on what is involved in the procedure for the restoration of the function and form of your damaged tooth.

We at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills begin by removing any infected tissues or decay. We then put in a filling to restore your tooth. There are several different types of materials that Dr. Vafa may use for your filling such as porcelain or resin. The more durable fillings last longer although they are more expensive. Therefore, your cost will depend on the type of material that Dr. Vafa will use for your tooth cavity filling like white dental fillings and the location such as front teeth filling. In Los Angeles, the cost of the average procedure is between $200 and $550. The price of each material is different. This includes:

  • White dental fillings for your front tooth cost an average of $186
  • White dental fillings for a back tooth cost an average of $201
  • If you require a gold crown for a back tooth, your cost is approximately $1,300

The average cost of tooth filling procedure in Los Angeles is different if you have a dental savings plan or dental insurance. This will decrease your tooth filling cost. In addition, it is important to note you may experience tooth sensitivity after filling or tooth pain after filling.

The Cost Of Dental Cleaning In Los Angeles

Your cost for a dental cleaning is dependent on how much your insurance company will cover and the extent of the cleaning you need. The average cost for a typical cleaning from a Beverly Hills dentist is between $50 and $300. Therefore, the average cost is roughly $150. The price of your cleaning will increase when you factor in a consultation fee and X-rays. This increases your cost to between $200 and $400. The average cost is $300.

The cost of a routine cleaning from the dental hygienist is between $80 and $175. The average cost is $127. If you require complete teeth cleaning, you should expect to pay the best dentist near me between $114 and $320. The average cost is $198. This generally includes a dental exam and X-rays. Deep cleaning is more expensive. The cost for each quadrant of the mouth is between $150 and $500. Depending on the extent of the buildup and the time required, this can increase to as high as $3000 per quadrant. If you have periodontal pockets, you may need antibiotic injections to speed up your recovery. These injections cost an average of $35 to $85 for each tooth.

Tartar is a type of plaque that builds up on your teeth. This builds up on the surfaces of your teeth like cement. The issue with tartar is it contains a lot of bacteria. This can infect and irritate your gums. Once your gums are infected and inflamed, they can separate from your teeth. This is what results in periodontal pockets. In addition, this is similar to abscesses on the side of your teeth. As the bacteria starts to fester, acids are produced. This is what causes cavities because it softens the enamel found on your teeth.

The Cost of Sedation in Los Angeles

If you are afraid of having dental work, you may want to consider sedation dentistry. The average cost of tooth filling procedure in Los Angeles increases with sedation. A Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist charges an average of $500 for IV sedation. Depending on the complexity of your procedure, the cost of general anesthesia is generally $200 to $1,100. This increases the cost of tooth filling. The most common types of sedation that Dr. Vafa uses at his Beverly Hills dental practice are:

Most Common Types of Sedation

  • Inhalation Sedation: This is generally nitrous oxide. You may have heard it referred to as laughing gas. This offers you light sedation for an average cost of $25 to $100.
  • General Anesthesia: A Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist charges an average of $600 to $700 for general anesthesia. This depends on the complexity of your procedure. In most cases, this is only necessary for surgical procedures.
  • Light Oral Sedation: A Beverly Hills dentist charges an average of $150 to $500 for light oral sedation. This depends on if they use a generic or brand name, the location of your tooth and the amount of sedatives you require. The best dentist near me will most likely use a brand name pill such as Halcion or Valium. You will be provided with this medication before your appointment. This may be used by itself or in conjunction with nitrous oxide. This offers you a light to moderate type of sedation.
  • IV Dental Sedation: This is most often referred to as sleep dentistry. The sedation is moderate to deep. The average cost is $500. For extremely complex procedures, you cost can exceed $1,000.
  • Sedatives: A sedative will relieve your anxiety, but it will not prevent you from feeling pain. This is the reason sedatives are used with a local anesthetic. This will help ensure you remain relaxed and calm during your tooth cavity filling.

Finally, we at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills take your level of anxiety, allergies and overall health into serious consideration.

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