Zirconia Dental Implants Los Angeles
Zirconia dental implants Los Angeles

Zirconia Dental Implants Los Angeles

Where to get Zirconia Dental Implants in Los Angeles?

Many dental patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have become concerned about what is being placed in their mouths due to the impact it may have on their overall health. They want the material which will be the least reactive and least toxic while still being healthy and prosperous.

A variety of experts would suggest not to be metals in your body which goes directly against using titanium for dental implants. An excellent alternative to titanium is zirconia implants which would prevent metal from being inserted into the body.

Definition of Zirconia Implants

Zirconia implants are an alternative to the titanium implants used since the 1960s. Titanium implants are at the top of the list for successful medical devices with a long-term success rate of 94% to 97%. In 1987, zirconia implants were released due to a focus on holistic dentistry.

Material of Zirconia Implants

The material used to create zirconia implants is referred to as a non-metal, ceramic material. This material is white and has many of the same advantages of titanium implants. This ceramic material contains a crystal structure.

This structure is a combination of metallic and non-metallic atoms, but this combination is never considered a meta. When oxide is added to this structure, it changes it along with the behavior and name of the substance.

Zirconia or Titanium Implants

If the choice between zirconia implants and titanium must be made, it is vital to remember that both of these implants have a similar bone to implant contact. This contact is what determines the stability of the implant. If the material does not have a significant effect on the success of the implant, other items must be considered.

Considerations Associated with Zirconia Implants

One consideration is the one-piece design associated with zirconia implants. This design means that they do not have a removable abutment, so a dentist cannot allow most zirconia implants to heal under the gums.

Another concern is when a zirconia implant is adjusted, microcracks can form which then can cause fractures. This substance does not have flexibility which means it will fracture when aligned with a dental bur. Typically, an adjustment is never needed for a dental implant

However, the one-piece design of zirconia implants requires the dentist to prepare the top of this type of implant. He or she must arrange it so it can be customized to each mouth. This customization is the point where these microcracks can start. They can even cause a fracture which would require the implant to be removed.

A third consideration deals with a dental implant with a small diameter. Any zirconia implants that have a minor diameter are more likely to fracture. Sometimes a tiny implant is necessary when the bone is thin, or space is small between teeth. In these cases, zirconia implants are not appropriate.

When traditional implants are used, the crown of the implant can be retained by using cement or a screw. With zirconia implants, the crown can typically only be kept with the use of cement because of the one-piece design.

The last consideration may be the most important one. The fact that a full mouth treatment cannot be finished with abutments that are one piece. A variety of dental patients are missing all of their teeth or need all of them replaced.

This whole mouth replace is an excellent way to give back a better quality of life and restore confidence. A dentist must spend some time planning and executing a full mouth replace to ensure an esthetic and functional result.

This planning involves custom abutments and screw-retained restorations. These requirements mean that zirconia implants could not possibly be used. Instead, one of the only choices would be titanium implants.

Depending on the needs of the patient, a competent dentist will pick the most appropriate material for your implants. It all depends on a variety of indications where zirconia implants would be a better choice over titanium. For more information, call Smile Angels today.

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