What is Holistic Dentistry?
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What is Holistic Dentistry?

2020 Guide to Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dental benefits are an emerging form of oral care that focuses on total body wellness in addition to oral health and sees the two as connected and interdependent upon the other. The concept of Holistic Dentistry emerged when a group of dentists came together in 1978 with a desire to deepen and expand the general public’s awareness about overall body health and holistic dental benefits.

So, what is holistic dentistry and how did it all begin? The theory behind this perceived madness was that the entire body is connected and all bodily systems and organs work together and support each other. If this seemed like a wild and outlandish idea in 1978, it may be said that a good amount of people are beginning to think this theory, the theory that overall body health and oral health are connected and when practiced yield an array of holistic dental benefits, is pretty spot on.

What are the Benefits?

Holistic Dental benefits tend to offer a more thoughtful, conscious and well-balanced approached to oral health and overall body health. The foundation of this theory stems from the belief that our mouths are a powerful gateway to the rest of our body and are, therefore, a vital part of maintaining and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Holistic dentistry exists to utilize minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, uses biocompatible dental materials and practices preventative care methods at all times.

Holistic Dentistry looks closely at the relationship of oral activity and health and physical activity and health. One, they would argue, is directly affected by and dependent upon the the other. If, for example, we continue using traditional dentistry practices which use Amalgam (containing over 50% mercury) as the main component for a filling and putting this toxic and poisonous element into our body, we are not only affecting the health of our mouths but we are also putting our bodies (specifically our nervous and immune systems) at risk. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why the concept and practice of Holistic Dentistry was created in the first place.

Mercury fillings are not safe!

When oral practitioners in correlation with Zigby International took a poll in 2006 they found that roughly 72% of Americans had no idea that fillings were potentially damaging to their health or that they contained poisonous elements like mercury. Their thought was that people should know what is being put in their bodies, especially if it comes with a risk, and the initial group of oral practitioners that came together to discuss this problem, were the ones who would dedicate their lives to changing this system.

Perhaps you are still asking the question, what is holistic dentistry? Perhaps it will be helpful to see how it compares to traditional dentistry.

Risk Factors of Traditional Dentistry

It is fairly shocking and slightly unnerving just how many risk factors are involved and associated with traditional dentistry. It is even more unsettling to realize that the majority of these risk factors remain entirely hidden from the minds of the public. Here are a few of the main risk factors associated with traditional dentistry that we think every citizen should be aware of:

  • Amalgam, a liquid mixture of mercury and metal alloy, which is commonly used in fillings, contains more than 50% mercury, a heavy metal that can damage the central nervous and immune systems.
  • Mercury, also known as “liquid silver,” has been known to cause damage to nerves, the liver and the kidneys. Named after the fastest moving planet, this toxic and poisonous substance can have quick and severe effects if it comes into contact with the human body. Unfortunately, it is also found in traditional dentistry fillings!
  • Improper disposal of dental waste can have many negative side effects on the planet, the soil (and everything that is planted in it or used by it), water sources, wildlife and the food chain due to the release of heavy metals into the ground. You guessed it, since humans are the ones consuming food after it is grown in toxic soil, we are the receivers of this misfortune, not only firsthand through our fillings, but also secondhand through the ground as the food that we eat is grown in toxic and unstable soil. Perhaps the phrase, “What goes around comes around,” has never been more true.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

As we have previously mentioned, holistic dentistry offers a more thoughtful, conscious and well-balanced approached to oral health and overall body health. The benefits of holistic dentistry are many. Because holistic dentistry encompasses and promotes a way of life that is beneficial to all forms of healthy living, such as mental, emotional, physical, vocational, etc., it yields benefits in every one of these arenas. Here are a few benefits of holistic dentistry and some of the reasons that we think everyone should give it a try and experience a well-balanced, more holistic, form of oral care and health care.

  • Avoids and refuses to use any and all toxic chemicals and metals in treatment.
  • Supports and encourages total body health and well-being, which includes everything from sleeping well to eating well to exercising and putting nourishing supplements into your body.
  • Offers a healthier, safer approach to traditional dentistry while still providing all of the same benefits and treatments.
  • Your health is never at risk when receiving treatment. In fact, your health is our first priority and concern, which is why we will not use toxic or harmful substances.
  • Raises awareness and consciousness of the truth that what we put into our mouths directly affects what happens in our bodies and vice versa.
  • Focuses on the relationship between mouth and body health and encourages intentional and positive care for both.
  • Affordable and effective.

Other Benefits

  • Safer alternative to traditional dentistry.
  • Uses entirely biocompatible dental materials that are simultaneously compatible and cosmetic as well as completely mercury-free, such as BPA-free composite resin and Diamond Crown poly-ceramics.
  • Utilizes ozone therapy, which is an energized form of oxygen, to eliminate all anaerobes in totally natural ways. Ozone therapy completely erases all forms of bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast and all oral anaerobes, while simultaneously stimulating the immune system for rapid healing and maintained health.
  • Mercury-safe and mercury-free dentistry can lead to improved health for those currently suffering from chronic conditions and can prevent further illness for those who are not yet suffering from chronic conditions.
  • Fluoride treatments, that liquidy flavored gummy-filled mouthpiece you get when attending a traditional dentistry appointment, has been known to strengthen tooth enamel for years. New studies, however, would argue that fluoride can actually weaken the bones and cause tooths to chip more easily. In many ways fluoride, like Mercury, is a powerful substance that can be beneficial at times, but also harmful if we are not using it in the right ways.

Free Holistic Dental Consultation with Dr. Bruce Vafa

Holistic dentist in Beverly Hills is becoming more and more popular throughout the world, but if you happen to live in Los Angeles, you should consider yourself lucky because there is a holistic dentist, and arguably the best dentist in Beverly Hills that is just a simple and quick phone call away.

Bruce Vafa DDS. has been a holistic dentist in Beverly Hills for over 24 years. His expertise and practice in holistic dentist in Beverly Hills, in heart of Los Angeles, can help you enjoy better dental health and overall wellness through a carefully designed holistic treatment plan. Because we care about you and your health, we want to offer you a free holistic dental consultation with Dr. Bruce Vafa, a holistic dentist in Beverly Hills, at your earliest convenience.

routine checkups

Routine checkups are one of the most important ways to protect your smile health. Holistic dentist, Bruce Vafa DDS., in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles will check your teeth and gums for premature and present signs of gum disease as well as other potential problems and will make personalized recommendations that can stop these problems from escalating and causing more serious dental or general health issues.

During your consultation with Dr. Bruce Vafa, he will answer all of your questions including, what is holistic dentistry and why is it important and arguably, essential to living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle?

Setting up frequent and regular appointments is a great way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your holistic dentistry program and that you are making the most of your healthy lifestyle. We know life is busy and all of the moments that you spend in Los Angeles have the potential to be great ones, which is precisely why we believe you should see the best dentist in Los Angeles. If you are ready to experience an array of holistic dental benefits then it is time to see the best dentist in town.

Early Treatment

Each treatment with Bruce Vafa DDS. is designed to promote whole-body health, improve function and fluidity of all major systems and organs within the body and reduce the risk of future illness, injury and sickness.

Here, at holistic dentistry in Beverly Hills, we believe that smile can be a pretty good indicator of your health. Gum disease is associated with inflammation and several chronic, systemic diseases and missing teeth are associated with obesity and dementia. Furthermore, crooked or misaligned teeth can increase your risk of TMJ disorders and functional flaws. And that is only the beginning. There are numerous and endless correlations between your smile and your physical sense of well-being and existence in the world.

Fortunately, our Beverly Hills holistic dentist, is a well-practiced expert, Bruce Vafa DDS., who some consider to be the best dentist around. Bruce Vafa DDS. can help you get your smile back on track so that it is confident, beautiful and healthy.

If you are ready to experience and answer the question, what is holistic dentistry firsthand, and receive better oral health in addition to better overall body health, Bruce Vafa DDS is the best dentist for you to see. Give us a call today to learn more about how holistic dental care can improve your smile and your life or to schedule your appointment with Bruce Vafa DDS.

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