8 Benefits of Holistic Dentistry you didn’t know

8 Benefits of Holistic Dentistry you didn’t know

Most people have switched to holistic alternatives in healthcare, food consumption, and household products. The dental industry hasn’t lagged in adapting to this trend. Instead of traditional care, more and more people are opting for holistic dentistry as a better alternative.

We have listed 8 of the most astounding benefits of holistic dentistry below:

1. Non-toxic, natural remedies

A natural dentist uses non-toxic, safe materials to treat you. Therefore, your overall health gets guaranteed by the absence of harmful treatments. That is also very effective in minimizing your recovery time after treatment.

2. Biocompatible material

Before natural dentists place any material into your mouth, they first test it for biocompatibility. That is necessary to ensure toxins are not present on the material about to be used on you. Most traditional dentists don’t do this.
Therefore, when you get a filling, bridge, or canal from a natural dentist, you can rest assured that the material they are using is unlikely to cause you any detrimental harm.

3. Whole Body Health

Holistic dentistry not only caters to any dental problems you may have. It also helps in improving the health of your entire body. A natural dentist will strive to protect your body’s natural balance and prevent various health complications through holistic treatment.

4. No Mercury filling

Professionals in the dental industry have always offered controversial arguments for and against mercury use in fillings. Traditional dentistry has always advocated for mercury filling because it’s cheaper and easier to replace.
However, natural dentists never recommend the use of mercury in fillings. They consider this element as toxic and detrimental to your overall health and well-being.

5. Use of Ozone Therapy

Dentists can now use ozone in water, oil, or gaseous form to treat various dental complications. These complications include tooth decay, TMJ pain, periodontal disease, and endodontics.
The antibacterial properties in ozone can also prevent the worsening of small tooth cavities into extreme decay.

6. Use of Zirconia for Dental Implants

Zirconia implants with metal-free properties can be a healthier option for gum tissue because they cause minimal plaque and calculus compared to titanium. Zirconia is also preferred in holistic dentistry because it is fractural tougher than other ceramics.

7. Rare use of x-Rays

Natural dentists try to avoid exposing you to X-rays as much as possible since they consider them an unnecessary risk and potential threat. They ensure you get exposed to minimal radiation by sometimes using digital X-rays, although they avoid these too.

8. Alternatives to Root Canal

Zirconia implants are the most popular root canal holistic alternatives. These implants offer you tooth restoration with unmatched functionality, stability, and texture.

These alternatives are also commonly used by natural dentists to provide a dental crown with a natural look. They are also crucial in the replacement of the natural root of your tooth.
If you are looking for a holistic dentist, you can contact us at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills for a holistic dental consultation. Our holistic dentist, Dr. Vafa, will address your dental issue in a safe, non-toxic way that will leave you happier and healthier.

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