Benefits of Holistic Pediatric Dentistry
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Benefits of Holistic Pediatric Dentistry

Gentle and Effective Pediatric Dentistry at Holistic Pediatric Dentist Los Angeles

The practice of holistic techniques in dentistry deals with applying a whole health approach to dental health. Bruce Vafa DDS is a holistic pediatric dentist who uses methods that are developed to best care for growing children’s teeth and gums. We, at Smile Angels of Beverley Hills, invite you to discover holistic pediatric dentist techniques and care that use bio-compatible products and processes for your child. Even more importantly, the children pediatric dentist educates and informs the family about the connection between whole health and dental health.

Understanding Holistic Pediatric Dentist Methods

The approach of a holistic children’s dentist extends beyond limited oral care. Our practice combines oral care with general health because we understand how your overall health affects your dental health and vice versa. A holistic pediatric dentist evaluates your child’s health and prepares a treatment plan that uses bio-compatible materials to assure safety. Regular check-ups, health assessment, and non-toxic alternatives to conventional forms of treatment are the founding philosophy of a holistic children’s dentist. Enter keywords “holistic dentist for children near me” to locate one.

Benefits of Oral Care for Children with Children Pediatric Dentist

We believe seeds of good health and healthy teeth are planted in childhood. Integrating safe, non-toxic and gentle oral care is as beneficial as using those concepts in whole health care. A trained, experienced children’s pediatric dentist works with your child’s natural immune system by using bio-compatible dental materials.

Wellness-integrated dental care helps your child develop awareness about the importance of maintaining and sustaining good habits for their teeth and general well-being. Regular preventative visits and thorough evaluation help establish those habits when you choose a children pediatric dentist providing holistic care and bio-compatible dental fillings and other materials needed to fix any problems that arise from time to time.

The Link Between Your Dental Health and Overall Wellness

Derived from the word “Whole”, holistic dentistry seeks to teach and practice in such a way that you understand how your mouth and its condition can cause damage to your other organs and how other organs can impact your oral health. Many studies have shown clear evidence of the link between teeth and heart disease, diabetes and many other problems, including pregnancy. For instance, when you suffer from chronic plaque and gum infections, the bacteria causing the infection can travel into the blood stream and to the arteries in your heart.

are you looking for dentists under “holistic dentist for children near me” to find holistic children’s dentist near you. Prominently featured under holistic pediatric dentist Los Angeles, Smile Angels values your healthy smile as much as you and provides holistic children’s dentist for your child’s oral care. In the LA area, simply search for holistic dentist for children near me, to find us.

By choosing a holistic children pediatric dentist, your child will learn early in life about preventing conditions that can lead to unwanted effects later on. In our dental practice, as a holistic pediatric dentist Los Angeles, we are committed to providing the personalized, individualized and comprehensive care that your child deserves.

Defining Bio-compatible Materials

What exactly do they mean by the term “Bio-compatible”? If you’re wondering and unsure, here is a simplified explanation of these materials that form the alternatives to traditional materials like amalgam, gold and metal fillings, etc. used in the treatment of cavities and other dental fixes.

Unlike traditional materials which, for example, often contain mercury and resin, these alternative materials are composed of up to 50% reduced resin and are mercury-free. are white composite fillings, metal alternatives to implants, crowns and other dental restorative products.

By setting up a consultation with a holistic dentist for children near me, you can get detailed information about all the services performed using these alternative methods.

We at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, best holistic pediatric dentist in Los Angeles, can deliver natural, non-toxic oral care for your growing child.
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