Natural Dentures for Restorative Dentistry
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Natural Dentures for Restorative Dentistry

Are you a Los Angeles residence, looking for natural dentures? When a person lost a tooth years ago, he or she had no choice in replacing the tooth. As time evolved, dentures were introduced to the world. Dentures can be considered to be and significant advancement in replacing missing or damaged teeth. In Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, dentures eliminated people having to walk around with missing teeth.

Types of Dentures

When talking about natural dentures, three different types can be discussed. The dentist will provide you with various options which differ in procedure complexity and price. It is best to work with the professional to determine which type is best for you, but this information is what you need before meeting with the dentist.

Full Dentures

This type of denture includes both an upper and lower set of dentures. These dentures are typically only used when all of the natural teeth are missing or damaged. Natural dentures that are full dentures can last from five to ten years with appropriate care and maintenance.

Partial Dentures

These natural dentures are typically recommended when the patient is only missing one or more natural teeth. These type of dentures are vital in helping eliminate the possibility of the remaining natural teeth from shifting around in the gums.

Fixed Dentures

When a tooth replacement is fixed surgically, it is called a fixed denture. These dentures include bridges, overdentures, implants, and some varieties of removable dentures. When discussing the price of dentures, the bridges and implants typically cost more than removable dentures. Fixed dentures come in four main types which are fixed bridge, implants, implant-supported fixed dentures, and implant-supported removable dentures.

Benefits of Natural Dentures

When you are missing teeth, it can be hard to smile like you mean it. Natural dentures are an excellent option to restore the natural beauty of a smile. This restoration is only one small benefit natural dentures can provide.


An individual can experience a significant loss of confidence when they lose a tooth. A missing tooth can negatively affect a variety of areas of a person’s life. After a while, missing teeth can make your facial muscles sag which can age a face quickly. This sag along with the missing teeth can make it extremely uncomfortable for a person in a public setting. Natural dentures can get a person photo ready by filling in the space of the missing teeth which then reduces sag.


Natural dentures work exactly like natural teeth. This fact means that they can help to restore the mouth to its previous state. It will also restore the full function of a person’s mouth. This restoration implies the individual will be able to bite, chew, and speak properly.


With natural dentures, people can be free from dietary restrictions. Sometimes when a person loses a tooth, it can be difficult to bite and chew particular foods correctly. Natural dentures allow these foods to be eaten without any issues.


The tongue pushes up against the teeth to form specific sounds in words. If a person is missing teeth, it can make it hard to pronounce certain words correctly. Natural dentures enable a person to enunciate each sound properly which will restore the usual manner of speaking.

How Much Natural Dentures Cost?

In Los Angeles, Natural dentures may cost between $300 to $1500 depending on quality and location of your dentist. Natural dentures come in full for those missing all their teeth and partial sets for those who are missing a few teeth. This fact means they can be customized to the person which allows natural dentures to be a cost-effective treatment option for those people missing teeth.

If you live in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles areas, you should call, email, or visit the Smile Angels website today to set up a consultation to find out more information about natural dentures.

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