Implant Overdentures Benefits

Implant Overdentures Benefits

If you have no teeth both in your upper and lower jaws, Over-dentures would be your best option to fix the problem. These implants have several advantages compared to ordinary dentures.

One obvious advantage of Over-dentures is that they’ll improve your appearance and boost your confidence level. By replacing the missing teeth, the overall function for talking and eating will also improve. This is not the case with the ordinary dentures, which have plastic bases as the only support making speech and eating difficult.

As expected, you must visit your dentist several times to have the implants placed, and the dentures made. The dentist will fix the artificial teeth to the base of resin over a metallic structure, making it fit precisely over your gum tissue. The dentist will then use dental implants to secure the Over-dentures in place. The dental implants are inserted into the jawbone to serve as the roots of the artificial teeth.

How The Overdentures Are Fitted

When you check at the Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, the first step you’ll undergo is to have your impression taken. It is this impression that the dentist will use to make your temporary dentures. The impact will create images necessary to plan how to best position the implants.

The implants are made of titanium alloys, which are corrosion-resistant, stable, and biocompatible. They are also lightweight, meaning you won’t feel any discomfort in your jaws.

Once the implants get inserted into your jaws, the jaw bone will grow back around them, firmly holding them. It will take some time for the bone and the implant to fuse, after which the dentist will secure abutments to the dental implants so they can hold the temporary dentures.

Dr. Bruce Vafa will monitor how the healing process goes until you can move to the next step of treatment. What will follow is that the dentist will take a new impression of your mouth. This time around, the impression will be used for creating the final dentures.

You’ll have several follow-up visits, during which the alignment and proper fit of the Over-dentures will be checked. Once the dentist has made the adjustments, he will fix the denture in place. You’ll walk away with a customized and fully functional set of teeth.

What Are the Over-Dentures Benefits?

The benefits of Over-dentures need not be overemphasized. They are the first choice for people who have lost all their teeth. Over-dentures are a key achievement in dentistry, and that explains why many dentists use them to improve the appearance of people from all walks of life and ages.

Dentists like Over-dentures because they are the most effective way to replace the whole teeth structure, ensuring that the artificial teeth connect harmoniously with the jaw and become part of it.

This means that Over-dentures solve the problem of missing teeth permanently and are better than the ordinary dentures that require replacement after some time.

Additionally, Over-dentures will give you a more robust set of artificial teeth than traditional dentures. Your bite will be just as strong as if you were using your natural teeth. Other benefits of Over-dentures include less gum irritation and greater comfort. Further to that, you’ll not need any denture adhesives to hold them in place.

The Over-dentures will allow you to:

  1. Avoid the use of adhesives, which are expensive and inconvenient. The adhesives can interfere with your taste buds, thus preventing you from enjoying your meals.
  2. Eat whatever you feel like. Over-dentures are strong, and when you have them on, you’ll be able to eat foods that you couldn’t eat with the traditional dentures. Because they are screw-retained, you’ll be able to eat more comfortably and effectively.
  3. Improve your appearance. With no teeth in your mouth, you’ll not have an appealing appearance. This is turn will make you have low self-esteem. With Over-dentures, everything will be back to normal, or even better. You’ll be able to talk well, laugh, and have a charming smile. In essence, Over-dentures will improve both your psychological and physical health.
  4. Enjoy the best fit. Overdentures will fit your mouth more precisely and neatly than the conventional implants. This means they are more stable when it comes to eating and talking.

Types of Overdentures

There are two types of Over-dentures: removable Over-dentures and non-removable Over-dentures. The fixed Over-dentures will give you a more natural look. The only challenge you may face is cleaning them. However, if you were used to taking care of your natural teeth, you wouldn’t’ t have an issue taking care of the fixed Over-dentures.

Conversely, removable Over-dentures make your oral hygiene more comfortable. This is because they make it easy for you to brush the dentures and your gum.

Both the removable and fixed Over-dentures are better than traditional dentures. They are comfortable, convenient, and healthy to have. What you need to do is keep them clean, just as you keep your natural teeth clean.

Who Need Overdentures?

Not everyone can use implant-supported Over-dentures. Since fixing them is a surgical procedure, you’ll need to be in good health before undergoing the procedure.

If you have leukemia or diabetes, this treatment will not be right for you. This is also the case if you are a smoker or if your jaw lacks sufficient bone to support the implant.

Dr. Bruce Vafa will assess your condition and decide whether this treatment is best for you. If not, he can advise on the next course of action.

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