What are Snap on Overdentures?
Snap on Overdentures

What are Snap on Overdentures?

Snap on Overdentures is a popular name for those dental appliances attached to natural teeth, which replace one or more missing teeth to provide better chewing ability and improved appearance. Dental implants in Los Angeles are the most common method of replacing missing teeth or dentures. However, there have been times when it is necessary to replace another tooth that is missing. Snap on Overdentures (or ODs) are designed to fit around a single natural tooth or group of adjacent teeth. Because no root canal treatment is required, they are incredibly comfortable to wear and cost less than implant-supported overdentures. Smile Angels of Beverly Hills are the trusted dental professionals to help you determine if this option is right for you.

Pros And Cons Of Snap-On Dentures


Best for Partial Dentures

Using custom-made snap-on dentures helps retain the remaining teeth in your mouth. It is perfect if you have only a few missing teeth or are looking for a quick fix on your denture. A partial denture usually requires no root canal treatment, so you can get them fixed and ready to wear in just a few days. It can be beneficial if one of your teeth has been damaged by injury or decay but is not so bad that it needs an implant. These partial dentures are also easily adjusted when necessary to make them fit better into the mouth and help with food retention during chewing.

Comfortable and Clean

All OD materials are designed to fit comfortably over the teeth and gum tissue, ensuring that the portion of your permanent teeth impacted by a missing tooth will check back into place. It helps improve appearance and aids chewing, eliminating the need for eating utensils. ODs also has a feature where water won’t flow through them, which ensures that monoxide fumes do not affect your ability to eat safely. With all these benefits, choosing OD dentures can be an excellent way to improve chewing and oral health.

Low Cost

ODs are designed to replace one or more missing teeth, so they are naturally cheaper than implant-supported overdentures. Even with this low cost, paying attention to special requirements before choosing OD dentures is essential. The price difference can be made up by paying attention to the right features.


Switching to OD dentures could help rid your mouth of harmful germs and bacteria if you have worn the same dentures for a long time. In addition, OD dentures have been designed to be low-maintenance and hygienic so they can be cleaned with commercial wipes.

Reduce Risk of Orthodontic Failure

OD dentures are preferred over implant-supported overdentures due to the reduced risk of orthodontic failure. It is because implants require a root canal treatment, which does not occur when you wear ODs. However, those choosing implant-supported overdentures may want to consider the number of teeth removed from the mouth to achieve a functional smile.


No Jaw Realignment

Because OD dentures do not support the jaw, there is no realignment of the jaw, which means that the teeth on either side of the missing tooth will slowly drift out of place, leading to an “underbite” effect.

Considered Temporary

Although designed to replace missing teeth in a few days, OD dentures are considered temporary appliances. Since they do not require an implant or root canal treatment, they last longer than some other types of dentures (like permanent ones) but twice as long as different types. Still, it would help if you considered your needs before wearing OD dentures for a long time.

Instant Removal

ODs do not require the root canal treatment necessary with implants. As a result, you can only easily remove them with a dentist or dental professional’s assistance. It is recommended that before they are used, you be fitted with a pair of “test dentures” to ensure that they work correctly in the mouth. It is also recommended that you watch some videos or read some information that can teach you exactly how to use OD dentures, as it is crucial that you not damage the natural teeth surrounding the ODs.

Risk of Breakage

ODs are more prone to breakage than dentures due to the lack of root canal treatment and the inability to remove from the mouth easily. Despite this potential problem, many prefer them over implants because they can be fixed easily. Dentists in Los Angeles resolve this problem by offering Snap on Overdentures that fit comfortably into your mouth and allow you to chew food normally.


ODs are considered a temporary solution, which means that it is likely that you will eventually want to move on to something else. Although your OD dentures will be thin and natural, some scarring will still occur after removal. Choosing a dentist who can restore your teeth and provide a smile makeover is essential. In addition, sometimes OD dentures can cause an orthodontic problem known as resorption of the tooth they’re attached to, leading to additional problems later down the road.

Whether your issue is a single missing tooth or an entire mouth full of missing ones, there are options. Some patients choose implants for their stability and longevity. Others opt for fixed dentures (with the assistance of your dentist), which can provide excellent functionality and quality of life during this time. However, some people feel that the added costs associated with these other options are not worth the reward. There is no reason why you shouldn’t consider using OD dentures instead. Since they do not require root canal treatment, they are much cheaper than implant-supported overdentures and can be fixed if necessary by a local Los Angeles dentist in just a few days. Dental implants in Los Angeles can restore your smile, but choosing a dentist who can also help restore your teeth and provide you with a smile makeover is essential. Contact Smile Angels of Beverly Hills today if you want the smile makeover you deserve.

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