Alternative to Dentures for 2021
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Alternative to Dentures for 2021

Because your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, having gaps due to missing teeth can make you insecure. Thankfully, there are lots of options that are available that can allow you to smile big and with bold confidence. One of the most common fixes whenever there is a significant amount of tooth loss is dentures. While this option might be fine for most, there are many people who are looking for alternatives to traditional tooth replacement. If you would like to know about the latest methods for treating missing teeth, here are some alternative options to dentures that you might find interesting.

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What Are Dentures

Dentures are prostheses that are made to resemble human teeth and gums. Theses devices are made to fit snuggly within your mouth and are specifically made according to your mouth shape, number of missing teeth, et cetera. Dentures typically require some sort of attachment or a bonding agent in order to secure them in place.

Benefits of Dentures

Not only do dentures help to build up your self-esteem, give you a better smile and enhance your overall appearance, but they are functional as well. By replacing those missing teeth, you are able to chew your food properly, eat food that you normally wouldn’t have been able to enjoy, and provide your face muscles with support.

Disadvantages of Dentures

While dentures can be one of the most affordable solutions for replacing missing teeth, they don’t always look as natural as other options. Furthermore, having dentures requires a little extra work on your part as they must be removed at the end of every night. Unlike your natural teeth, dentures must be cleaned with a special solution which typically requires some soaking aw well. You might also find that it can sometimes be difficult to speak as dentures can sometimes shift when you’re eating or talking. Lastly, although dentures allow you to have more food options, there are certain foods that must be avoided, so you don’t damage them.

Alternative to Dentures

If you are wanting to fix your smile but are dreading the thought of getting dentures, there are other options to choose from. However, you will have to consider the amount of teeth you have missing as well as the costs. At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, you have the option to choose a dental bridge or a dental implant. If you are unsure of which options will work best for you, here is some information about both.

Dental Bridges

Unlike dentures, a dental bridge is a prosthetic that is made out of porcelain and is secured in place by the surrounding teeth. This type of tooth replacement can work well even if you have several missing teeth as it tends to blend in pretty good with your natural teeth. If you are looking for a solution that is more affordable than implants, Smile Angels of Beverly Hills can provide you with a dental bridge that works for you. There are many types of dental bridges; however, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Traditional –
    These types of bridges can be a great solution if you have teeth on either side of the empty space. This is because traditional bridges are false teeth that are held in place by crowns which are cemented onto your surrounding abutment teeth.
  • Maryland –
    As with the traditional bridge, these bridges also require support from the natural teeth. However, this type of option is anchored to a tooth on both sides of the gap, and usually has a metal frame that is attached to the neighboring teeth.
  • Cantilever –
    Although this type of dental bridge is attached in a similar way as the traditional one, cantilevers only employ one abutment tooth. These, will also be secured via the use of a crown that is cemented onto the neighboring tooth.
  • Implant-supported –
    This type of solution can be the most affordable alternative to dentures if you have too many missing teeth or none at all. Because dental bridges are secured with the help of natural teeth, a few implants are used in order to provide an anchor for the dental bridge.

Dental Implants

While the various types of dental bridges can be good alternatives, dental implants can give you the most natural look and are extremely low-maintenance. Almost mimicking the way your natural teeth grow, dental implants are anchored into your jaw bone with a screw. The false tooth is custom-made in order to blend in with your natural teeth and can last as long as 15 years. Basically, you can treat a dental implant just as you would your natural teeth as they don’t require the use of any special toothpastes or solutions. For these reasons and more, dental implants is the best permanent solution to dentures.

Replacing missing teeth is more than just about looking good, but you also need your teeth in order to talk and eat properly. While dentures can be the most affordable option, they are not always the most comfortable to wear. And while dental implants are clearly the best option, the costs can be way more than you are able to spend. In order to find the best alternatives for replacing your missing teeth, you will have to consider what will work best for your particular dental needs and finances.

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