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when to start brushing baby's teeth

Protecting and Caring for Baby’s First Teeth

when to start brushing baby's teeth

There is nothing more exciting to a parent than witnessing the growth of a baby’s first tooth. The joy that is felt when the tiny tooth pokes through the gums is unexplainable. As teeth begin to emerge, parents become concerned about how to best care for their baby’s teeth. One of the first actions that needs to be taken is to get a top dentist who has vast experience working with pediatric dentistry. Dr. Bruce Vafa, DDS and Smile Angels of Beverly Hills can help parents protect the teeth of their precious babies.

Parents should create a routine for caring for their baby’s oral health. This routine can begin months before the first sign of a tooth appears. Parents can begin with caring for and protecting their baby’s gums. Although the gums may not be as exciting as the baby’s first teeth, gums are important to a baby’s oral health. They need to be cared for as much as the teeth because healthy gums create healthy teeth.

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