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botox for tmp treatment

BOTOX Treatment for TMJ

BOTOX is very effective for treating TMJ pain. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) affects an estimated 10 to 35 million Americans. This condition involves inflammation or injury to the temporomandibular joint that affects the associated nerves and muscles. Many people undergo more than one TMJ treatment option to find relief from their pain and other symptoms. If

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Ozone Therapy Los Angeles

Ozone Therapy benefits, Cost and procedure in Dentistry

Some time ago, if you suffered significant tooth decay and needed a root canal or filling, you had to undergo holistic dentistry to disinfect the part. These procedures regularly used harmful substances to kill bacteria in the mouth and decontaminate the area affected by tooth decay. All of that has now changed due to recent

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holistic dentistry

Holistic Dental Cleanings to Improve Your Oral Health

There are divergent opinions about whether one or more yearly dental cleanings are enough for oral hygiene and dental health. Some searches or show that only one visit may be enough for individuals with no immediate risk if they are careful with flossing and brushing. This is a huge “if” because half the general public

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Should I get porcelain Veneers?

Changing the teeth’ appearance does not affect your general physical health; however, it does affect your mental and emotional health. An enhanced smile can immediately boost your self-confidence and make you take pride in your general appearance. Unfortunately, most individuals delay enhancing their smile due to the cost of veneers in Los Angeles. Fortunately, there

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