Top Ten Things to Eat After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction
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Top Ten Things to Eat After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The particulars of a wisdom tooth extraction are almost an urban legend – some people recount a nightmarish, pain-filled episode, others claim the whole thing was so uneventful that they barely remember it at all. Whatever the truth is, there’s one objective bit of information to be had: Some things are better to eat post-extraction than others. Here are ten of the best.

Soup: It’s the classic “get well soon” food. With myriad omnivorous and vegetarian options and plenty of nutrients, soup might just be the best entry on this list. Just make sure it’s warm rather than hot and free of potatoes or other chunky ingredients.

Meal Replacement Shakes: If you’re just not feeling like “real food”, Slimfast-style meal replacement shakes can provide a quick solution. Don’t overuse them, though – you need true meals, even if they’re mostly liquid, and these shakes just aren’t designed for more than sporadic ingestion.

Smoothies: In the same vein as the shakes mentioned above, smoothies are a great quickie meal. Unlike the shakes though, smoothies made from whole foods like vegetables and / or fruits can provide a recovering person with all the vitamins and other nutrients they need. Just make sure those smoothies are well-blended!

Pudding: Got a sweet tooth even after a few of them were pulled out of your head? Go for pudding! It’ll satisfy your yearning for sugar while presenting no risk of “chunk-related injury.”

Ice Cream: Another sweet treat, ice cream is great for reducing pain and swelling at extraction sites. Just make sure it’s the smooth stuff rather than the varieties that come with frozen bits of fruit inside.

Applesauce: A healthy sweet, applesauce is full of vitamins and fiber, both of which will help a recovering body weather the post wisdom tooth extraction storm. Of course, the fact that you can hide gross-tasting medicines in a big spoonful of the stuff doesn’t hurt, either!

Mashed Potatoes: When you’re ready for something that’s a bit more meal-esque, try some mashed potatoes. Feel free to add butter, sour cream, or other soft garnishes. Just make sure they’re not too hot, too lumpy, or filled with sharp or crunchy stuff (bacon bits, for instance, are a no-go, regardless of how tasty they are!).

Pancakes: Everyone loves pancakes, and after you’ve started to properly heal, there’s no reason you shouldn’t indulge yourself with a nice big stack. Take it slow, though, and avoid overly-crunchy or excessively sugary garnishes or additions to the batter.

Eggs: Rich in protein and an honest-to-goodness entree, a nice big plate of scrambled eggs can feel like a victory meal after so long on a liquid diet!

Pasta: With all the varieties of pasta and accompanying sauce and “add-on” variations available in today’s supermarkets, pasta is a great post-extraction option. Just make sure anything you toss in is cooked soft – overly-crunchy stuff can rip open newly-healed sockets.

Nobody likes a long recovery period with little to do and less to eat, but now that you have this list of ten go-to hunger-killers, satisfying your stomach while protecting yourself and promoting the healing process should be a breeze. Get well soon!

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