Why get orthodontics from a Beverly Hills dentist
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Why get orthodontics from a Beverly Hills dentist


The Beverly Hills Dentist offices, Smile Angels of Beverly Hills has been in existence for over 25 years. We have a history that has led to the formation of trust, and we offer all dental services under one roof. Our team of dedicated dental experts brings a unique skill-set to the table. The three main reasons why you should get orthodontics from the Beverly Hills dentists, Smile Angels are our technology, our leadership, and our expertise.


The most important service that we offer our patients is identifying and filling cavities. Even the tiniest spot of decay threatens the entire tooth’s integrity. Historically, dentists would spend sessions prodding and poking teeth. These methods of detecting decay are only 50 – 70% successful. Cavities normally hide along fissure lines or other hidden surfaces that the probes cannot get to. This method of detection is only limited to cavities that are the same size as the probe or larger. We have invested in DIAGNOdent, which is a new and revolutionary means of cavity detection. What’s great about this technology it is that it’s fast and easy.

Our Leadership

Dr. Bruce Vafa is considered one of the top Beverly Hills dentists. He is patient with his patients, investing time addressing every patient’s concerns and reviewing different treatment options. He believes in continually learning because dental medicine is ever-changing. He has a DDS degree, which he obtained in 1984. He then got special children dentistry training from ’89 to ’92. He supports comprehensive family dental treatment, which is why he chose to not only focus on children. He has state-of-the-art dental equipment that he continually updates together with his treatment techniques. He currently holds an active membership in the ADA-American Dental Association, CDA-California Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry.

Our Expertise

Having a crooked smile could be cute but eventually, lead to problems with your overall health and dental health. Your teeth are maloccluded if a patient’s top and bottom teeth don’t fit together correctly. Teeth that are Maloccluded are more prone to damage. Misaligned teeth, corked teeth or badly spaced teeth can cause serious future problems. Our experts are trained to deal with such cases.

Our practice offers several orthodontic treatment options. We value working closely with our patients to determine what the best treatment option could be. For teens and adults who have minor orthodontic problems, we recommend Invisalign or ClearCorrect. For those patients that have issues that are more serious are advised to get traditions, Damon or colored braces. We offer early treatment for children to help prevent or reduce future orthodontic issues.

We start the process with a comprehensive evaluation. We examine the teeth, gums and bite. We then explain all your treatment options after determining the most suitable course of treatment. Treatment processes can last six months to a couple of years depending on your treatment’s severity and how long it will take.
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