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Ozone Therapy Los Angeles

Ozone Therapy benefits, Cost and procedure in Dentistry

Some time ago, if you suffered significant tooth decay and needed a root canal or filling, you had to undergo holistic dentistry to disinfect the part. These procedures regularly used harmful substances to kill bacteria in the mouth and decontaminate the area affected by tooth decay. All of that has now changed due to recent

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holistic dentistry

Holistic Dental Cleanings to Improve Your Oral Health

There are divergent opinions about whether one or more yearly dental cleanings are enough for oral hygiene and dental health. Some searches or show that only one visit may be enough for individuals with no immediate risk if they are careful with flossing and brushing. This is a huge “if” because half the general public

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Should I get porcelain Veneers?

Changing the teeth’ appearance does not affect your general physical health; however, it does affect your mental and emotional health. An enhanced smile can immediately boost your self-confidence and make you take pride in your general appearance. Unfortunately, most individuals delay enhancing their smile due to the cost of veneers in Los Angeles. Fortunately, there

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How long wisdom teeth extraction recovery will take

If you’re between the ages of 17 and 25, chances are your wisdom teeth are starting to erupt or may have already erupted. Studies show that most men and women will develop these third molars, which form in the back of the mouth, around this time. These teeth often come in crooked and will sometimes

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woman with tooth pain due to cavity

A Complete guide to Rotten Teeth Symptoms And Treatment Options

Current statistics indicate that about 60-90% of school-going children have experience with a bad tooth decay, rotten teeth, and other dental concerns. Additionally, almost every adult has visited their Beverly Hills dentist due to a bad tooth decay issue. By definition, rotten teeth are too damaged or too decayed teeth to the extent that warrants

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Pain After Root canal

Root canal treatment is an important procedure; hence, pain after this procedure is normal. Root canal treatment involves deep washing of the canal (the inner root chamber) of the tooth. This may, in turn, irritate surrounding gums and nerves. The problem should be short-lived. A root canal treatmen helps you evade pain related to a

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sleep apnea treatment

Sleep apnea and snoring treatments

What You Should Know About Sleep Apnea and Dentistry For those who are not familiar with sleep apnea, it is a disorder that causes an individual’s upper airway to become obstructed while they are sleeping. Even though they may not realize that it is happening, those who struggle with sleep apnea often stop breathing for

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woman with oral pain

What Causes oral Pain and What Can You Do

Are you experiencing oral pain when you chew? Do you feel some burning sensation in the mouth or have a swollen tongue? These oral issues cause discomfort that reduces the quality of life. But what causes them? Often, oral pain may occur due to soreness, injuries, or different health conditions. It’s, therefore, crucial to understand

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