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What Is A Gingival Pocket?

A gingival pocket is an area where gum tissue and bone have receded from the teeth. When gum tissue surrounding the teeth is lost, it can cause tooth sensitivity, decay and periodontal disease. Gingival pockets are small spaces that develop in the gums when tooth enamel wears away over time. What Is A Gingival Pocket?

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Understanding Gingivitis Treatment

Can Cancer Treatment impact Periodontal health?

Nearly 2 million people in the U.S. will receive a cancer diagnosis before the end of 2022, notes a study published by the American Cancer Society. And to make matters worse, many of those diagnosed will simultaneously find themselves struggling with periodontal disease, a bacterial infection that attacks the gums and surrounding tissues that support

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Is Periodontal Disease Contagious?

Is periodontal disease contagious, and do you need to visit the best dentist in Beverly Hills to treat it? These are some of the common questions people ask. Periodontal diseases are wide, ranging from less complicated and seemingly harmless gum inflammation to more serious diseases that can lead to tooth loss. At Smile Angels of

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TMJ treatment Los Angeles

How to Cure TMJ Permanently

Your jaws help you chew your food, allow you to speak and laugh, and keep your teeth in place. The Temporomandibular joint is the hinge that connects your jaw to your skull and makes these movements possible. It is made up of the jaw, the bones and muscles that work to move it forward and

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2022 Halloween Candy Buy Back

Are you concerned about the amount of candy that kids consume during Halloween? The Halloween candy buyback program may be the solution you need. Back in 2005, the Halloween candy buyback program was developed to help minimize the amount of candy in circulation during Halloween. The program gives kids something valuable in return for their

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TMJ treatment

TMJ Evaluation and Treatment Planning, How It Works

This blog provides you with an easy-to-follow system for TMJ evaluation and treatment planning. This system guides you through the whole process of diagnosis and management planning. The diagnostic process is important as it helps you to identify the underlying cause of your pain. Management planning is important because it helps you to formulate a

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crooked teeth treatment beverly hills

Is there any danger behind your crooked teeth

A smile is worth its weight in gold. A crooked smile will turn any grin into a grimace. Straight teeth are not just for appearance. They also provide a much healthier mouth. Crooked teeth result from too little or too much force applied to the teeth. They may result from a genetic disorder or trauma

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