2022 Halloween Candy Buy Back

2022 Halloween Candy Buy Back

Are you concerned about the amount of candy that kids consume during Halloween? The Halloween candy buyback program may be the solution you need. Back in 2005, the Halloween candy buyback program was developed to help minimize the amount of candy in circulation during Halloween. The program gives kids something valuable in return for their candy.

The candy buyback program was founded by a dentist called Chris Kammer from Wisconsin. Chris Kammer realized that the best way of promoting oral health in kids during Halloween is to buy back the candy they had collected during trick-or-treat. Therefore, he offered $1 for every pound of candy that kids brought to his office and the idea spread like wildfire.

Today, over 2,500 orthodontists and dentists are part of the program. In fact, the Halloween candy buyback program is now a national event.

Where Does The Candy Collect In The Program Go?

Perhaps you are wondering what dentists do with all the candy they buy back from kids. Do dentists eat the candy themselves? No, we do not. The candy collected from the program is sent to troops overseas as a gesture of gratitude for the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. If you think about it, soldiers do not really celebrate Halloween. Thanks to the Halloween candy buyback program, troops can enjoy the treats of Halloween while they serve our country.

What Happens During The Halloween Candy Buyback Program?

If you think that kids just go to the dentist’s office, exchange the candy for cash, and then leave with a couple of dollars immediately, then you are wrong. During the event, dentists form their teams and then dress up in creative costumes. Tables are set up so that people can write supportive and encouraging letters to the troops. Some of the candy brought by the kids is replaced with xylitol-sweetened treats which are healthy for the teeth.

As dentists, we still understand the importance of dental hygiene and we want the troops to have healthy oral hygiene as they enjoy the treats too. We also pack other necessities alongside the candy in the packages we send to the troops. This ensures that the men and women serving our country abroad receive unexpected yet pleasant care package surprises with the candy.

Are There Other Items That Can Be Exchanged For The Candy?

  1. While most dental office programs will offer $1 to kids for a pound of candy, some dental organizations focused on promoting oral health offer different items. The organizations may trade in toothbrushes, xylitol products, healthy treats, and coupons, in exchange for candy. These oral health items help to remind kids of the importance of dental hygiene.

What Is The Right Time To Donate The Candy?

The amount of time required to donate the candy depends on the buyback program in your location. Most candy buyback programs begin to collect candy one week after Halloween. In fact, some programs will have a one-month collection period after Halloween in order to give kids as much time as possible to donate the candy.

Donate Your Candy to Smile Angels of Beverly Hills Today

Would you and your kids love to donate your Halloween candy to the buyback program? At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, we provide the Halloween candy buyback program to allow kids to send their candy to troops abroad.

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Get in touch with Smile Angels of Beverly Hills today to book a consultation and learn more about how your children can participate in our Halloween candy buyback program.

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