How Often Does Your Child Go To The Dentist?
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How Often Does Your Child Go To The Dentist?

Most parents wonder how often they should take their child to the dentist. They also wonder “when should I take my baby to dentist for the first time“.  Most children should visit the dentist by the time they are a year old or when their teeth come through. For younger children, such as toddlers with an increased risk of decay, it is suggested that a child should visit the dentist every 4 months. However, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that most children should see a Beverly Hills Children dentist every 6 months like adults. Regular dental check-ups are vital for children. Regular dental exams are the best way to ensure children stay cavity free.

Child Children must visit a Beverly Hills dentist regularly

Although some children are less prone to developing oral health problems and cavities than other children, it is still crucial that even children with good oral health visit the dentist regularly. Cavities can develop sporadically, so regular visits to the dentist will ensure children maintain good oral health. Another important reason that children should visit the dentist twice a year is fluoride treatment. Fluoride is important for the maintenance of good oral health because it attracts nutrients, as well as minerals, which will strengthen the enamel of the teeth. Sealants are also applied at a dentist check-up. Sealants are applied to the teeth to protect teeth from bacteria, which will prevent decay.

In order to prevent bacteria and plaque from collecting around teeth and gums, professional dental cleanings are vital for oral health in children. Although good home oral health habits are important, it is crucial for children to see a dentist on a regular basis to ensure harmful bacteria and plaque are removed. Regular dental exams also give dentists a chance to speak with children and parents about proper oral hygiene, and also gives dentists the opportunity to provide suggestions and tips on maintaining oral health.

Importance of Pediatric X-ray exams

Although X-ray examinations are not performed at every dental check-up, they are extremely important in addressing any future needs children may require. Pediatric X-ray exams enable the dentist to view potential areas of decay. X-ray exams also allow the dentist to see any infections that may be in the bone or developing abnormalities. There are some parents who are concerned about X-ray exams, but early detection of any oral health problems are important for a child’s health. There are some oral health problems that can only be detected through X-ray exams.

Unfortunately, most children do not receive the professional oral health care that is needed. Children Now reported that oral tooth decay is the leading chronic disease among children in the United States. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reported that half of the children in the United States will experience tooth decay before the age of 5, which is an alarming statistic. According to the Center for Disease and Prevention Control, 15.6% of children ages 6 through 19 have untreated oral health issues from 2007 through 2010. This is why it is vital for children to see the dentist on a regular basis. Children who do not see the dentist on a regular basis could develop problems as adults, which can be prevented from regular dental check-ups. If children visit a dentist as recommended, then they will most likely develop healthy oral care habits and prevent oral problems as adults.

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