How to Repair a Broken Tooth
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How to Repair a Broken Tooth

Although the enamel – the calcified layer covering your entire tooth – is the strongest in your body, it can also crack or break. It can occur as a result of a fall, a crash, or being hit, or from simple habits like gnawing on a pencil. Food such as hard candies, potato chips, ice, citrus as well as some sports drinks among others can also cause teeth to crack.

Broken or chipped teeth can be a cause of serious discomfort, and to avoid frustration, a visit to your dentist is mandatory. Otherwise, you risk ending up with unnecessary pain and stress. This is especially the case if they go on and cause more problems.

Some of the available solutions for repairing a broken tooth include:

Dental Bonding

A cracked, chipped, discolored, gapped, or distorted tooth can be fixed through composite bonding, a process that requires no anesthetic unless it is used for cavities.

The process involves roughening the damaged tooth using a conditioning liquid to ensure that the bonding material sticks. Next, the dentist will apply an adhesive material to the surface of the tooth followed by a resin that carries the same color as your tooth. After the bonding material is shaped and polished to match the rest of your teeth, ultraviolet light is used to harden it. The process produces a result that can last for up to a decade.


Simply put, veneers are tooth covers. They are mostly made of porcelain to output remarkably beautiful and realistic results. They are bonded to the front of the cracked tooth and can last for up to 30 years negating the need for regular replacements.

To avoid making your teeth look bulky, your dentist will shed some structure of the tooth to give the veneers a natural look. During the process, you can be given temporary veneers to wear while you await the real ones to be prepared. At a later appointment, the temporary ones will be removed and the real ones bonded to your tooth.

Veneers can be placed in one or more teeth, but it is not a great option for those who grind their teeth.


Crowns are some of the most common restorative treatments for teeth. They are ideal for those who have a badly chipped tooth or those that experience pain while chewing or drinking. Crowns are like caps for teeth. They cover and protect the teeth while contributing to your overall smile.

Moreover, a crown prevents you from losing your tooth, since a damaged one can’t bear the pressure of chewing. These fixtures are also usually made from porcelain. The procedure involves being given an anesthetic, and where applicable, some tooth structure is removed to make room for the crown. After the crown is prepared, it is then cemented to the remaining structure, giving it a complete and original feel.

Root Canal

If your tooth has gradually decayed or has a crack that extends to the tooth’s pulp, then root canal therapy is mandatory. This procedure gets rid of infections and prevents your tooth from further cracks.

During the procedure, the decayed matter is removed, then sterilized and sealed to prevent further risk. An anesthetic is applicable for comfort as the pulp and the nerve of the tooth are removed. A dental crown is then applied to ensure the tooth remains strong and functional.

Dental Implant

If a crack occurs below the gum line, or if your tooth is far gone and cannot be salvaged, then the remaining pieces of your tooth will be removed and filled with a dental implant. The implant will replace the whole tooth.

The procedure includes a minor surgery where a titanium post is inserted into the jawbone to act as a support for the tooth. It is left to bond with the bone before an abutment, which the restoration can be fixed upon is clipped onto it. The process will involve several visits to the dentist, but is usually over in four to six months.

Save Your Tooth by Seeing a Dentist Today

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