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Understanding Gingivitis Treatment

How to Treat Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a type of periodontal disease that is very common. It affects millions of people and is usually the first step in gum disease that can lead to more serious conditions like periodontitis. Gingivitis can cause red, inflamed and swelling gums around the base of your teeth. If the condition is not effectively treated

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Understanding tooth enamel

What Is Tooth Enamel – Protecting Your Tooth Enamel

For years dentists have urged the importance of tooth enamel. Taking care of your teeth promotes not only better smiles but wards off infections. It is the enamel on your teeth that prevents cavities and deterioration. Protecting the enamel protects your teeth and your mouth from serious infections. By advising taking care of your teeth

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teeth whitening candidates

Who Is A Candidate For Tooth Whitening In 2020

What is Teeth Whitening? If you are dissatisfied with the color of your teeth, tooth whitening may be your ideal solution. If you are wondering can dentist whiten teeth, the answer is yes. A teeth bleaching dentist only requires a fairly short period of time to whiten your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can provide you with

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Ozone Therapy Los Angeles

Ozone Therapy in Dentistry – Benefits and Procedure

Dental Ozone Therapy in Los Angeles What is ozone therapy in dentistry? This question is popular among patients who want to achieve better dental care. But what is ozone? How is it helpful in oxygen ozone therapy in dentistry? Well, ozone is a product of the intricate chemical reaction. Here’s how it occurs: When an

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toddler rompers

Ways to Fix Gap in Front Teeth

These days’ dental gaps are not perceived the same way they were decades ago. Today, they have become somewhat a sense of beauty among many celebrities – especially the models. Dental gaps are expected to last for a lifetime, and if that’s not desired, they then become a problem – and to the majority of

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color braces Los Angeles

Braces Colors for 2020

Straightening Your Teeth with Braces: A Healthy and Rewarding Choice Deciding to see an orthodontist in Beverly Hills and be fitted with braces to straighten your teeth is healthy. Braces color choices are also uplifting, and your treatment will be rewarding in the long run. Correcting misaligned teeth with conventional braces does take some time.

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picture of dental implants

How Do Dental Implants Work?

If you’re thinking about getting dental implants, you will be in good company. According to a study published by Reuters, an international news organization based in the United Kingdom, more than 3 million Americans currently have dental implants. The online publication also noted that roughly 500,000 dental implant procedures are performed every year in America.

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before after beautiful smile

How to Make Your Teeth Look Better

Cost of Veneers in Beverly HillsYou may have smiled in front of a mirror to look at your teeth. If you wondered if you could improve your appearance, you are not alone. Your smile impacts your career, social life, and self-confidence. Restorative and cosmetic dentistry has made a lot of advances over the last few

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